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Un jurado investigador federal en Manhattan acusó al célebre abogado Michael Avenatti el miércoles de dos supuestos esquemas, acusándolo de fraude y robo de identidad... [Read More]
Un jurado investigador federal en Manhattan acusó al cÃ... [Read More]
Embattled attorney Michael Avenatti is indicted in New York on charges of stealing book deal payments from adult-film star Stormy Daniels; Jacqui Heinrich reports on... [Read More]
Tom5678: what does the amount of time spent on those two networks have to do with anything?? Exactly. More importantly, why aren't they jumping in... [Read More]
what does the amount of time spent on those two networks have to do with anything?? Turned out the man is a complete bum, and... [Read More]
Weekend coming sooner than you think! [Read More]
Celebrity lawyer Michael Avenatti appeared on CNN and MSNBC over 100 times during a 10-week period in spring 2018. Avenatti faced multiple... [Read More]
New reporting suggests Michael Avenatti revealed glaring flaws in his character to the press while many of its members were boosting him. [Read More]
Plus: Snowflakes in House Freedom Caucus continue to melt down over Amash comments, Michael Avenatti charged for stealing from Stormy Daniels, and more... [Read More]
On today's episode of 'Tucker Carlson Tonight', Tucker Carlson highlights the Democrats' demand for unrestricted abortions during any phase of pregnancy; meanwhile, attorney Michael Avenatti... [Read More]
who became a media star when he represented adult-film actress Stormy Daniels in her legal battle involving her allegations of an extramarital affair with President... [Read More]
Michael Avenatti is back in business, not practicing law of course, but wooing the press, now that he's been charged with multiple felonies for defrauding... [Read More]
Michael Avenatti's legal troubles escalated on Wednesday as federal prosecutors announced new indictments accusing the lawyer and prominent critic of U.S. President Donald Trump of... [Read More]
Michael Avenatti is accused of stealing $300,000 of a book advance belonging to Stormy Daniels. President Trump vows to stop working with Democrats until they... [Read More]
The lawyer was arrested in March for allegedly trying to extort Nike for $25M, but says he 'flew too close to sun' while representing... [Read More]
Federal prosecutors on Wednesday charged celebrity lawyer Michael Avenatti with misappropriating hundreds of thousands of dollars belonging to a former client, pornographic film actress Stormy... [Read More]
Michael Avenatti, the former attorney for adult film star Stormy Daniels, is accused of stealing $300,000 his client was owed for a book deal. According... [Read More]
Federal prosecutors indict Michael Avenatti for allegedly stealing money tied to a book advance. Senior federal law enforcement official tells NBC News that the alleged... [Read More]
Disgraced celebrity lawyer Michael Avenatti was once a media sensation who was routinely fawned over by major personalities in the establishment media. [Read More]
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