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A Flour Bluff ISD father is furious because the school sent his son home with a military-style haircut. [Read More]
The Acadia Parish District Attorney will decide if there needs to be an investigation after the Church Point Chief of Police walked out of Mayor's Court earlier this week. [Read More]
News 3 reached out to CSX for an update. [Read More]
Iran's armed forces have improved over the past 20 to 30 years, but their equipment and technology remain well behind those of other significant military powers in the region, a new report by the Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA), published on Tuesday, says. [Read More]
In a telephonic conversation on Thursday, Pakistan PM Imran Khan discussed Afghan peace process and the Kashmir issue with US President Donald Trump along with other bilateral and regional matters. Khan apprised President Trump of the current situation in Kashmir and also re-affirmed Pakistan's commitment to the advancement of the Afghan peace process... [Read More]
The Supreme Court, in its verdict in the Babri Masjid-Ram Janmabhoomi title case on November 9, said the entire 2.77 acres of disputed land should be handed over to the deity Ram Lalla, who was one of the three litigants. [Read More]
"I was always drawn towards the judicial services going by the importance and respect reserved for the judges in the society. I took admission in 2014 in the five-year LLB course from the Rajasthan University, which ended this year," said Mayank Singh. [Read More]
UP has the largest number of beneficiaries among all states under the scheme. Out of the 79.7 million beneficiaries across the country, almost 18 million are in UP alone. [Read More]
The industry body drew parallels between the airlines and telecom sector where both have faced consolidation, price wars and are capital intensive sectors which have high taxes. The letter highlights the impact of AGR dues which if recovered, will impact viability of telcos and other players in the industry. [Read More]
"Today, USDINR pair is expected to quote in the range of 71.70 and 72.20." [Read More]
The increased surveillance of rides at Uber coincides with a spike in demand from U.S. and Canadian regulators and law enforcement officials for companies to share their customers information. [Read More]
Among the 50 components in the Nifty index, 20 shares were trading in the green, while 28 were in the red. [Read More]
A man was found on the street in Queens on Thursday and police are now trying to find out who he is. The man was discovered at around 6:35 p.m. Thursday in the vicinity of Abington Road and Lefferts Blvd. He is described as 5-feet-5-inches, approximately 125 pounds and speaks Farsi. He was last seen in a brown peacoat, blue dress pants and grey shoes. He was removed and taken to Queens General Hospital. Anyone with... [Read More]
Following Massacre In Mexico, Chip Roy Urges Drug Cartels Be Labeled As Terrorist Organizations... [Read More]
The report is said to be about 500 pages long, and its findings have remained a closely held secret... [Read More]
In just over a decade, a small capsule shaped like a flying saucer will blaze in from space and smash into an empty Utah desert. Inside the capsule, protected by shock absorbers, will be a precious payload: about half a kilogram of rocks gathered on Mars. After years as a dream, Mars sample return (MSR) is now a $7 billion plan, devised jointly by NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA). Involving three heavy rocket launches from Earth, two rovers, the first ever rocket launch from another planet, and a daring rendezvous between the sample container and a spacecraft... [Read More]
Netflix's 'Knight Before Christmas' Movie Includes a 'Christmas Prince' Easter Egg It seems Netflix is building an entire universe with its Christmas movies! The new film The Knight Before Christmas, starring Vanessa Hudgens and Josh Whitehouse,…... [Read More]
William & Mary head coach Mike London is a former player, assistant coach and head coach for Richmond... [Read More]
JMU's SGA hosted a Town Hall Tuesday evening to encourage students to ask questions about what SGA is doing in the JMU community. [Read More]