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A new book by two New York Times reporters says there was more to an allegation of sexual misconduct against Kavanaugh than the Senate hearing uncovered. [Read More]
The weekend attack on Saudi Arabia's oil infrastructure knocked out nearly 6 percent of the 100 million barrels a day the world consumes. [Read More]
Questions about Kavanaugh and the Supreme Court itself will continue to haunt us. [Read More]
"Jojo Rabbit" on Sunday won the Toronto film festival's top prize, an Oscars bellwether that gives the satirical Nazi comedy a boost as Hollywood's award s... [Read More]
Last fall, the Canyon Crest girls tennis team was responsible for one of the biggest sports stories in the young campus's 15 years of existence. [Read More]
SUSANNA REID has addressed the "deeply upsetting" situation she found herself in at GMB alongside co-host Piers Morgan, revealing she shed tears over it. [Read More]
State Highway 3A in Taranaki was partly blocked for a time following a crash. [Read More]
New Zealand's spy boss has provided a real-life whiff of drama and mystery from the intelligence world. [Read More]
This might just be the new craze in hiding. [Read More]
After scoring a field goal and touchdown on their first two drives Sunday, the Oakland Raiders offense punted on four straight series as the Kansas City Chiefs scored 28 unanswered points. [Read More]
Lexington's American Cancer Society Hope Lodge received a special delivery on Sunday of food, games and other supplies. [Read More]
A mother and daughter are excited for a fresh start after receiving the keys to their new Habitat for Humanity home on Sunday. [Read More]
True or false? Vikings preferred ginger cats. [Read More]
Lambs, daffodils and, above all else, colour: Spring, my decor-loving chums, is definitely in. [Read More]
Do it live. For much of history people have presented performances for others. [Read More]
Don't know about anyone else, but we seem to be moving into fall weather here. I like the cooler weather, although this past summer has been relatively mild for this area. What Are You Working On? [Read More]
With a reality show host currently in the White House, the country's whole political system seems to be degenerating into a reality show in its actions. Now there is the recent campaign ad by Andrew Yang. There is nothing against Yang personally. He... [Read More]
More questions than answers as stories emerge about whether Houti rebels used armed drones or something, something Iranian cruise missiles against the Saudi oil refineries. Recalling the recent minor attacks on oil tankers, there seems to be some... [Read More]
The Trump administration may be gearing up to attack Iran, as a "response" to the recent attacks on Saudi oil refineries. And they seem to be lying to justify it. Three paragraphs from the New York Times article on the matter tell the entire story.... [Read More]
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