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Is it getting hot in here? Shawn & Camila got fans' pulses racing with their sexy music video for Senorita, & their new rehearsal video turns up the heat. Check it out! [Read More]
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After scoring a field goal and touchdown on their first two drives Sunday, the Oakland Raiders offense punted on four straight series as the Kansas City Chiefs scored 28 unanswered points. [Read More]
Lexington's American Cancer Society Hope Lodge received a special delivery on Sunday of food, games and other supplies. [Read More]
A mother and daughter are excited for a fresh start after receiving the keys to their new Habitat for Humanity home on Sunday. [Read More]
Do it live. For much of history people have presented performances for others. [Read More]
I just finished reading a moving diary that had just been posted. It featured some photographs of some of those who did not complete their crossing of the Sonoran Desert. I tried to leave a comment, only to find that it had been deleted. If an admin... [Read More]
In Virginia, Democrats have a fantastic chance of flipping both chambers of the legislature this fall, with some excellent candidates running against the most vulnerable Republicans. But as with everywhere else, they shouldn't be happy with narrow... [Read More]
Don't know about anyone else, but we seem to be moving into fall weather here. I like the cooler weather, although this past summer has been relatively mild for this area. What Are You Working On? [Read More]
With a reality show host currently in the White House, the country's whole political system seems to be degenerating into a reality show in its actions. Now there is the recent campaign ad by Andrew Yang. There is nothing against Yang personally. He... [Read More]
More questions than answers as stories emerge about whether Houti rebels used armed drones or something, something Iranian cruise missiles against the Saudi oil refineries. Recalling the recent minor attacks on oil tankers, there seems to be some... [Read More]
This is the fifth year of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards and they've had lots of entries that will tickle your funnybone. They have finally narrowed the entries down to 40 finalists and ... [Read More]
I don't particularly like the idea of $5 gas, or a war that tRump wants so so bad. But I have a feeling that tomorrow morning will not be pretty on Wall St. and well, read on. I keep hearing that we're long overdue for a recession. Recessions are a... [Read More]
The Trump administration may be gearing up to attack Iran, as a "response" to the recent attacks on Saudi oil refineries. And they seem to be lying to justify it. Three paragraphs from the New York Times article on the matter tell the entire story.... [Read More]
Congressman Fitzpatrick: You have had almost three years to witness this monstrosity of the administration of the 45th president. Soon you will have to decide whether to support his reelection. For my 45th weekly letter to you, I have provided below 45... [Read More]
Fraunhofer Institute in Germany has been doing "agrophotovoltaics" studies for the last few years, the concept of producing both crops and solar power on the same land. Their 2018 study results are available here:... [Read More]
It looks like the knives are out since Beto O'Rourke's pledge to confiscate weapons of war aka AR-15, during democratic debate. We already have clear fracture on healthcare positions between Medicare for all advocates, and those who favor a public... [Read More]
September 15th, 2019 - Francis Edwards is proud to announce he has confirmed his attendance to the Caroline County NAACP Candidate Forum. This forum is scheduled for September 16th at 7 pm at the Caroline County Community Center. This is... [Read More]
Why haven't people been interested to find out the dark money that was paid before the midterms that basically prevented the dems from really taking the house by a supermajority and the senate? Notice that just a few months before the midterm election... [Read More]
Some have been trying to drag Joe Biden on what seems his pretty clear and often repeated 1960s recollection. Some millennials are having fun with this, because gangsta cereal names. The most dangerous ones are Particle Board and his sidekick Weetabix. [Read More]
Wanna' Feel Safe ? Pass 'a Open-Carry RattleSnake Law ! "What's Sam doin' with a gun holster strapped to his hip ? You know Hannibal, he's the only hombre I know who still wears janglin' spurs everywhere." Jethro spit a wad of chewing tobacco juice... [Read More]
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