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President Trump's job approval rating saw a boost in a poll released by Fox News this weekend. [Read More]
President Trump tweeted his frustration about a newly released poll by Fox News, which he claimed was biased toward Democrats. [Read More]
Former Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy blasted former FBI Director James Comey for admitting he was wrong in his handling of the FISA process his department... [Read More]
Dozens of freshman Democrats have asked House leaders to consider making Michigan Rep. Justin Amash an impeachment manager in the Senate trial of President Trump. [Read More]
President Trump watched part of Saturday's Army vs. Navy football game in the stands, taking turns sitting with members of the Army cadets and Navy... [Read More]
Teen climate activist Greta Thunberg received criticism from the German railway company Deutsche Bhan after claiming her trip aboard a train was overcrowded. [Read More]
Nearly a quarter of all American children live with only one parent in their home, according to a recent study. [Read More]
Although the articles of impeachment don't mention Russia or special counsel Robert Mueller by name, the Trump-Russia allegations underpin both accusations of abuse of power... [Read More]
President Trump suggested James Comey should receive prison time after the former FBI director admitted he was "overconfident" in defending the bureau's use of the... [Read More]
A college student found stabbed to death in Morningside Park in New York City was reportedly in the area to buy marijuana, according to authorities. [Read More]
President Trump lashed out at Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz, who could not find evidence that the FBI's decision to open an investigation into... [Read More]
Rep. Adam Schiff acknowledged the mistakes made by FBI officials as they applied for federal warrants to surveil members of President Trump's 2016 campaign after... [Read More]
Fox News anchor Chris Wallace suggested he would not back down from interviewing President Trump's critics after the president attacked the network for bringing on... [Read More]
A man has been arrested in connection to a New Jersey shooting that left six dead, including the shooters, after his phone number was discovered... [Read More]
Former FBI Director James Comey defended the reputation of the bureau after relentless attacks from President Trump and other critics on conservative cable news. [Read More]
Former FBI Director James Comey downplayed the role the Steele dossier played in the process his department used to obtain federal warrants used spy on... [Read More]
The U.S. government quietly expelled two Chinese Embassy officials after they breached a sensitive military base in Virginia. [Read More]
Saturday Night Live mocked Kellyanne and George Conway's relationship by making it a parody of Netflix's A Marriage Story, a meme-friendly film about a divorcing... [Read More]
The holiday season is in full swing, and tens of millions of Americans will be heading to airports to travel to spend time with friends... [Read More]
House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff questioned why Republicans wouldn't vote to impeach President Trump, arguing that they would have supported impeaching former President Barack... [Read More]
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