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Trump claimed that he was not visiting Denmark because of the rejected expectation of an offer to "buy" Greenland from them. The idea was absurd... [Read More]
Mojo Friday's Weekly Open Thread This is a diary for those who continue to participate in the Mojo Friday diary  throughout the week. ... [Read More]
Campaign Action In order for America to forcefully fight the unfolding terror wave hitting this country, it's time for the press to talk about radicalized,... [Read More]
And proceeded to save my life… Eleven long days ago I underwent robotic surgery on my throat cancer and the procedure was far more than... [Read More]
Elaina Plott at The Atlantic writes— Trump's Phone Calls With Wayne LaPierre Reveal NRA's Influence : Three days after a pair... [Read More]
Sen Sanders checks Trump after POTUS drops a major anti-Semitic trope about loyalty "Let me say this to the President. I am a proud Jewish... [Read More]
It never ceases to amaze me how ANYONE could view Donald Trump as some sort of American savior, given his scandals, lies, and moral depravity.... [Read More]
Welp, it is Toosdai and so it is the day for some srs mischiefery with a mashery of Ogden Nashery (illustrated)! Let's see what today... [Read More]
Well hello there! As you read this, I likely am soaking in a warm bath after spending the day moving K1 into her off-campus apartment... [Read More]
Also: Trump reverses, cow-tows to NRA on gun reform; Luntz offers advice to Dems on how to discuss climate... On today's BradCast: Our cowardly President... [Read More]
www.patreon.com/... [Read More]
"Hasta la victoria, siempre!" impeachdonaldtrumpnow.org... [Read More]
It's never a good sign when a politician has to resort to dishonesty about his record in order to get re-elected. As reported on Blue... [Read More]
Butterflies sit on butterfly weed in August Good evening, Kibitzers! I'm getting so I kind of like these video compilations for the day's... [Read More]
I guess Trump decided to write off that 17% of the Jewish-American population today, when he said: I think any Jewish people that vote for... [Read More]
According to a new article in the Oregonian, another attack on the First Amendment may be in progress. Malheur County (which became infamous due to... [Read More]
Sometimes I see comments about the books I read as being difficult, with the implication or explicit statement that they couldn't or wouldn't read those... [Read More]
In his book: "Captured: The Corporate Infiltration of American Democracy," Senator Sheldon Whitehouse quotes former Republican Senator Alan Simpson of Wyoming as saying: "Ending the... [Read More]
Yes, I do realize that pointing out one more Donald Trump crime-'n'-lie is like posting a notification on Twitter every time you have to go... [Read More]
The reason for canceling a state visit is because Denmark is uninterested in selling Greenland. This is not the first time Trump has cancelled something... [Read More]
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