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In Part One, we began an expose to explain the rationale why we are certain Mr. Trump will not be re-elected. Let's take a look... [Read More]
Daily Kos: A Midsummer Nights' Masque: Who "Wrote Shakespeare?" II (If You Missed Part I, Click Anyway) [Read More]
I didn't watch a minute of Chuck Todd's absurd interview with President Trump yesterday, but I did see the follow-up on social media. And I... [Read More]
From Raw Story: Attorney General Bill Barr killed seven different investigations started by special counsel Robert Mueller just ten days... [Read More]
Connecticut Rep. Jim Himes, a member of the House Intelligence Committee, announced his support Monday for starting an impeachment inquiry, pushing the number of House... [Read More]
Within the left, the debate over whether to impeach Donald Trump is usually cast as an argument of politics versus substance: does it make sense... [Read More]
The Colorado State Open Thread is published Monday evenings around 7 PM and is a collective effort by the Kossacks of Colorado.  If anyone would... [Read More]
We are so far from done with healthcare reform in this nation. This infuriating, heartbreaking, essential story by Eli Saslow in The Washington Post demonstrates... [Read More]
Because we do not have public policy debates in this country, only political spats, much of the hottest Republican fury is over Democratic Rep. Alexandria... [Read More]
On Monday, The New York Times editorial board forcefully condemned Trump's "divisive, incoherent, and barbaric" immigration policies that have created "a crisis of American values,... [Read More]
So I have previously, months ago, been invited to a wedding here in Kathmandu. The sister of the groom is a former student of mine... [Read More]
Some very big news today out of Maine: Sara Gideon, the speaker of the Maine House of Representatives, said on... [Read More]
Crimes Against Humanity in Real Time? Is this what is occurring, in slow motion, at the United States' Southern Border? I know,... [Read More]
Since I'm waiting for my flight back to Los Angeles, I wanted to say I had a terrific time in Atlanta, Georgia. This was my... [Read More]
APOLOGY: Due to an unsuspected (by me, but explained by the Help desk) glitch, some interested Kossacks may have not have seen yesterday's Part I. ... [Read More]
After eight years of writing about the Kansas experiment, disasters and bad news out of Kansas, I have to say how fantastic it is to... [Read More]
Heading home from a vacation in Atlanta so I am playing a little catch-up. Received a few e-mails from U.S. Senator Jacky Rosen (D. NV)... [Read More]
Viewers of Fox News will remember a frequent face on the network during many of the elections for the past couple of decades. He was... [Read More]
Our Daily Kos Caucus at Netroots Nation 2019 in Philadelphia will be held at 9:00 AM on Friday, July 12th in room 124 in the... [Read More]
Ok, so I get that we can't attack Democratic candidates, can we attack the Democratic Party though? After reading and lurking on... [Read More]
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