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It's a name that conjures up images of galactic battles depicted in sci-fi movies like Star Wars and Star Trek. [Read More]
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The dog known worldwide as Hamish has been reunited with his family, who revealed his real name... [Read More]
Social networking giant is gearing up for upcoming elections in India. [Read More]
A "strong, black lesbian woman" is ready to go back to college after her "Queer Eye" fans raised enough to pay off her student loans. [Read More]
UPDATE: Police say Nancy Mills was found in Peachtree City and is safe. [Read More]
They sure didn't want hospitals to be seen as hubs of superbug infections. [Read More]
Snap has finally released its new, rebuilt Snapchat Android app, which the company has been rewriting from the ground up since the beginning of 2018... [Read More]
It's unclear whether Apple would be interested. [Read More]
Around 2.21 billion PC, tablet and smartphone devices will be sold worldwide in 2019, according to Gartner, a slight increase of 0.5% in comparison to... [Read More]
The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act ushered in all sorts of new rules that take effect this year. Fear not: A plethora of tax... [Read More]
This week on That's So Cincinnati: We talk to Dan Horn and Carol Motsinger about The Road, landslide updates and Harambe. [Read More]
A group of volunteers is trying to raise money to bring back a high school band in a unique way. Biddeford High School's marching band... [Read More]
It all began in August 1994, when Major League Baseball players went on strike over a salary cap proposal. Team owners canceled the rest of... [Read More]
Billings Gazette, April 3, on Gov. Steve Bullock needing to act since 'Hanna's Act' has been gutted: Don't fool yourself: A new, amended version of... [Read More]
In an era where the legions of homeless are at best tolerated, residents in Kingman, Ariz., have embraced an eccentric man they call "Santa James"... [Read More]
The VP is addressing local farmers in Lebanon, Indiana, about the proposed United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, which is meant to replace NAFTA.        ... [Read More]
Expect colder than normal temperatures all week before snow returns and temperatures plunge.        ... [Read More]
Today, we continue a new weekly feature here on the Insiders Forum. Each week, we highlight five notable stocks with significant and recent insider buying.... [Read More]
Stand Your Ground, bathroom bills, right to work legislation and anti-sharia law efforts all started as (or became) cookie-cutter model bills.        ... [Read More]
Francis's statement disregards not only the sovereignty of the American nation-state, but also ignorance of how generous America is to the poor. [Read More]
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