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Searching for "Xiang Xiang"
Looks like it's been a happy four months on earth for Xiang Xiang. [Read More]
An unbearably cute panda cub in Tokyo turns four months old Thursday. Ueno Zoo released the latest video of the female giant panda Xiang Xiang. [Read More]
Xiang Xiang, the female giant panda born in June at Japan's oldest zoo, is growing well and has added 900 grams in 10 days, Ueno... [Read More]
Xiang Xiang is a 3-month-old adorable panda who loves cuddling with her mom! [Read More]
This lovely panda cub was born to mother Shin Shin and father Ri Ri at Tokyo's Ueno Zoo in June, and in accordance with Chinese... [Read More]
Tokyo's newest giant panda has officially been named Xiang Xiang. [Read More]
Tokyo's baby giant panda celebrity is named Xiang Xiang. The name was announced Monday afternoon. [Read More]
Meet Xiang Xiang, Tokyo Zoo's adorable baby panda, who just got her name. Meaning fragrance in Chinese, it was picked from over 300,000 suggestions. [Read More]
Tokyo's newest baby panda, which is just beginning to crawl and has now lived long enough to get a name, will be called Xiang Xiang,... [Read More]
Xiang Xiang turned 100 days last week, which makes her old enough to get a name, after she became the first panda in 30 years... [Read More]
The Ueno Zoo in Tokyo says the panda is healthy and growing rapidly... [Read More]
En esta imagen, tomada el 20 de septiembre de 2017 y distribuida por el Tokio Zoological Park Society, muestra a una cría de panda, con... [Read More]
The 3-month-old giant panda is called Shan Shan in Japanese, or Xiang Xiang in Chinese. [Read More]
Japan's baby panda now has a name: Xiang Xiang, or fragrance. [Read More]
Japan's baby panda now has a name: Xiang Xiang, or fragrance. [Read More]
Japan's baby panda now has a name: Xiang Xiang, or fragrance... [Read More]
Japan's baby panda now has a name: Xiang Xiang, or fragrance... [Read More]
The new star at Tokyo's Ueno Zoo has been named Xiang Xiang, the kanji for which can mean either "fragrance" or "popular" in Chinese. After... [Read More]
Japan's baby panda now has a name: Xiang Xiang, or fragrance. Tokyo Gov. Yuriko Koike said Monday the 3-month-old giant panda is called Shan Shan... [Read More]
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