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Searching for "Winston Churchill"
Annie Kenney's arrest after challenging Winston Churchill was a pivotal moment in the campaign for the women's vote. [Read More]
Everyone from Winston Churchill to Yoda has spoken about how failure can be a good thing. They clearly have... [Read More]
Quoting Winston Churchill seems harmless enough, but a former NASA astronaut found out the hard way that it's impossible to please everyone on Twitter, after... [Read More]
Steve Hayward argues that biography is an overlooked resource in the study of statesmanship. The life of Winston Churchill may be the single best example... [Read More]
Winston Churchill's description of then Secretary of State John Foster Douglas states: "He is the only bull I know who carries his china with him."... [Read More]
Sir Winston Churchill once quipped that, "Americans will always do the right thing, only after they have tried everything else." Unfortunately, in the Middle East,... [Read More]
Goes down like a cheap suit when confronted by progressive mob... [Read More]
By Joe O'Hara When Winston Churchill was asked to describe Russia, he responded with his now-famous quote that "It is a riddle wrapped in a... [Read More]
Scott Kelly, the 54-year-old former astronaut and retired U.S. Navy Captain, found himself sandwiched between two of this Twitter posts about Winston Churchill. Kelly is... [Read More]
In 1943, during a debate over whether to rebuild the House of Commons chamber, the cradle of British democracy, after it had been destroyed during... [Read More]
In 1943, during a debate over whether to rebuild the House of Commons chamber, the cradle of British democracy, after it had been destroyed during... [Read More]
This week, an astronaut called Scott Kelly was quoting Churchill and his great line, 'in victory, magnanimity'. He got massively trolled by the…... [Read More]
Hillary Clinton today criticised Tory MEPs for failing to back sanctions against the Hungarian government, saying they had "come a long way since the days... [Read More]
TV presenter Piers Morgan has clashed on air with a professor over the academic's claim that Winston Churchill was an "imperialist racist." Morgan said he... [Read More]
It comes after an astronaut was forced to delete a tweet in which he quoted the wartime PM... [Read More]
WINSTON Churchill will always be remembered as the brave and unflinching British Prime Minister who led our country to victory in WWII. Despite his heroics,... [Read More]
U.S. astronaut Scott Kelly was criticized over the weekend for both tweeting and apologizing for a quote from Britain's former Prime Minister Winston Churchill. [Read More]
'They have come a long way since the days of Margaret Thatcher and Winston Churchill,' says former presidential candidate... [Read More]
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