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A 1950 law prevents about 75% of roughly 4,000 Jews who had lived there before the Nazi invasion of 1940 from applying for compensation for... [Read More]
When Luxembourg assumed the chairmanship of the world's foremost international Holocaust remembrance task force, its government pledged energetic action. [Read More]
How did it happen that I'm now slicing into what might be the world's biggest schnitzel, to be washed down by a half-liter of local... [Read More]
As Notre Dame, the great Gothic cathedral of Paris, was gutted by fire, French President Emmanuel Macron was expected to reach the hearts of his... [Read More]
Far be it from me to put down the French populist Right, given my respect for many of its representatives and for the Rassemblement National... [Read More]
Car sales in Western Europe slid 3.7% in the 1st quarter as forecasters predicted a stagnant year at best, but the performance of Tesla's Model... [Read More]
All around Western Europe, churches are under attack. [Read More]
As the world mourns the destruction of a large part of Notre Dame, we should nonetheless hope and pray that the project of rebuilding it... [Read More]
The... [Read More]
Ancient Neolithic farmers settled in Britain after leaving Anatolia and travelling across Western Europe. [Read More]
The Model 3 broke its worldwide sales record last month, mainly thanks to Europe.Europe is *the* place to sell electric cars. $7-per-dollar gas might be... [Read More]
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