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Shift Technology announced today that it raised a $28 million series B funding round to help grow its business using AI to mitigate insurance fraud.... [Read More]
Brands are increasingly using AI-powered chatbots to automate customer service. Here's how this technology is evolving and how consumers are reacting to it. [Read More]
To an end user, it really doesn't matter if a chatbot is using AI or not to solve their problems. Chatbots that have AI capability... [Read More]
Scientists are using artificial intelligence for early detection for breast cancer. [Read More]
Artificial Intelligence is all the rage. Brands the world over are using it improve all facets of their business including customer experience. [Read More]
We have known for some time that the number of signals coming from your IT systems surpassed the ability for humans to keep track of... [Read More]
Google Photos has been increasingly using AI-infused computer vision smarts for a while to help its 500 million-plus users organize their snaps, including auto-rotating tools and... [Read More]
PornHub is using AI to accurately tag and identify performers in its video archive, with the long-term goal of improving ... [Read More]
Hey, good morning! You look fabulous. This Thursday, one porn site is using AI to catalog the stars of its clips, Amazon has a... [Read More]
Pornhub launches an AI system that improves tagging and searches on their website. [Read More]
Origin Energy is using AI to help control customer energy usage in new demand-management trials. [Read More]
The site previously relied on users and uploaders alone to manually tag porn stars. [Read More]
Artificial intelligence is an algorithm, which used to make more and more intelligent, smarter machines. Propose behind AI is to increase productivity and speed of... [Read More]
Combat-wounded veterans are using technology to control prosthetics that can take commands and learn over time. [Read More]
Look out, artificial intelligence startups: Microsoft Ventures has a new $3.5 million contest that opens today to try and find the best of you. Today,... [Read More]
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced today that his company is working with the American Red Cross to target aid efforts in Puerto Rico using artificial... [Read More]
VB EVENT: The marriage of artificial intelligence and and industrial engineering – or industrial IoT – is promising to disrupt the global economy. If the... [Read More]
Some 71% of Americans say brands should require explicit customer consent before using AI when marketing to them, according to a new report from SYZYGY. [Read More]
Britain's biggest supermarket is attempting to keep pace with Amazon... [Read More]
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