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With just days left before Brits head to the polls on 12 December in a crucial general election, the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has... [Read More]
Blue and White MK says he usually wouldn't interfere in foreign election, but is making an exception for Thursday's vote because 'we can tell an... [Read More]
Days before election, amid leaks showing unresolved complaints about anti-Jewish sentiment, John McDonnell says party has learned its lesson from 'horrible, horrible period'... [Read More]
British opposition Labour Party's John McDonnell said on Sunday he was worried that accusations of failing to tackle antisemitism had damaged his party's election campaign."I... [Read More]
BRITAIN-ELECTION/ (URGENT):UK Labour's McDonnell: I worry anti-Semitism has affected our election campaign... [Read More]
Report, days before election, cites internal files saying there are over 130 unresolved cases; members who called for extermination of all Jews said to stay... [Read More]
UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is considered a liability among Sheffield United's football fans in the former industrial heartland. [Read More]
The decision by Britain's main opposition Labour party to hold another Brexit vote if it wins the upcoming election has upset some supporters. In Hartlepool,... [Read More]
Upcoming elections in Britain seem to be the next 'Russia-linked' scandal on the horizon The UK Labour Party leader has been accused by the country's... [Read More]
British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn outside his home in north London. Photo: Reuters / Peter Nicholls. An organization set …... [Read More]
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