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Searching for "Space Force"
Plenty of great stories in the news lately. Let's see if you've been paying attention. [Read More]
The Trump administration has directed the Pentagon to create a new "Space Force" as an independent military service branch aimed at ensuring American supremacy in... [Read More]
But We Already Have A 'Space Force' So President Donald Trump, in his wisdom, wants to create a costly new branch of our military to... [Read More]
Earlier this month, President Trump's administration doubled down on his earlier proposal to create a Space Force as a new branch of the United States... [Read More]
President Trump announced his support for a "space force" in March after a small group of current and former government officials, some with deep financial... [Read More]
Uncle Donald wants you! To join the Space Force! [Read More]
Vice President Pence to visit the Johnson Space Center to discuss the development of a Space Force with NASA officials; national security expert Michael Pregent... [Read More]
"I don't see any reason" for a Space Force, says Lehigh University professor Terry Hart, a former fighter pilot who flew on the Space Shuttle... [Read More]
The announcement by Vice President Mike Pence last week that the Pentagon will stand up a Space Force suddenly has drawn attention to the issue... [Read More]
The origin of Space Force was more complicated than it seemed. [Read More]
'One hopes Congress at least — which refused to fund a space force last year — sticks to its guns.'... [Read More]
Actual News Item #1: The president and vice-president are proposing a new military branch, the Space Force. [Read More]
Luke Skywalker might want to join President Donald Trump's proposed new "Space Force," but he and his X-wing starfighter probably wouldn't be posted at Offutt... [Read More]
As a military veteran, I find myself at odds with my president over his idea of creating another branch of the military.Actually, there needs to... [Read More]
Washington When President Donald Trump spoke to Marines at the Miramar Air Station in San Diego on March 13, he threw out an idea that... [Read More]
From a trade war to 'Space Force,' the president's competition with Beijing signals a shift toward treating China like an outright adversary. [Read More]
Vice President Mike Pence announced details of a possible future sixth branch of the U.S. military, the Space Force. The move would require Congressional approval.... [Read More]
The United States is perched on the edge of a new era in space militarization, with a new administration that is eager to engage in... [Read More]
When President Donald Trump spoke to Marines at the Miramar Air Station in San Diego March 13, he threw out an idea that he suggested... [Read More]
WASHINGTON: When President Donald Trump spoke to Marines at the Miramar Air Station in San Diego on March 13, he threw out an idea that... [Read More]
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