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Searching for "Ridley Scott"
Science fiction stories tend to fall on the more epic side. Typically, a creator imagines a strange new world or future and sets their characters... [Read More]
"Blade Runner 2049," Denis Villeneuve's sequel to Ridley Scott's iconic 1982 film is a must-see for sci-fi lovers, even though it is maddeningly esoteric and... [Read More]
Ridley Scott's original film was scored by Greek composer Vangelis. The music for Blade Runner 2049 was composed by Hans Zimmer and Benjamin Wallfisch of... [Read More]
The first trailer for Blade Runner 2049 was filled with familiar imagery from Ridley Scott's original 1982 film - giant neon advertisements, a smoggy noirish... [Read More]
The first trailer for "Blade Runner 2049" was filled with familiar imagery from Ridley Scott's original 1982 film - giant neon advertisements, a smoggy noirish... [Read More]
The real star of Blade Runner was urban density. The visually stunning sequel is all about plot and metaphysics. Sigh. ... [Read More]
It's been 35 years since Ridley Scott's "Blade Runner" debuted, going from commercial disappointment to cult following to sci-fi classic. [Read More]
Philip K. Dick penned the now classic Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep in 1968 which formed the basis of the immortal 1982 film Blade... [Read More]
Thirty-five years after Harrison Ford brought us futuristic Los Angeles Police Officer Rick Deckard in Ridley Scott's original science fiction thriller, the "Blade Runner" saga... [Read More]
Since it was first released in 1982, Ridley Scott's 'Blade Runner' has become one of the most loved and influential sci-fi movies of all time.... [Read More]
Filmmaker Denis Villeneuve has taken on the herculean task of directing the sequel to Ridley Scott's 1982 sci-fi classic "Blade Runner," a feat that seems... [Read More]
Will we reach a moment in time when the real world looks more science-fictional than movies? Or does it already? Ridley Scott's Blade Runner, released... [Read More]
On the October 12, 2017 episode of /Film Daily, Peter Sciretta is joined by Ben Pearson and Chris Evangelista to talk about the latest news, including details about Top Gun 2 and Ridley Scott's Alien Covenant sequel,... [Read More]
Two of our most compelling film directors working in the Hollywood studio system—Darren Aronofsky and Denis Villeneuve—recently released startling movies, and the movies have obvious... [Read More]
It's not often that a recently released movie can possibly be considered a "masterpiece." The term carries a lot of weight.Yet, many have already declared... [Read More]
★★★★"Blade Runner 2049" is a heavily dystopian, cerebral, sci-fi epic starring Ryan Gosling (Officer K), directed by Denis Villeneuve and produced by Ridley Scott. Taking... [Read More]
It is the year 2049, and a lone officer trudges through desolation, searching for truth among sand and stone. Ominous synth echoes and reverberates as... [Read More]
Blade Runner 2049 is a miracle. It's a sequel that nobody really wanted -- certainly not fans of the seminal 1982 original by Ridley Scott.... [Read More]
The film wrestles with ideas of artificial consciousness in exciting new ways while still paying homage to Ridley Scott's classic. [Read More]
Director Ridley Scott's 1982 Blade Runner wasn't necessarily the first film noir — steeped in shadowed alleys populated by hard-drinking detectives who fall for a... [Read More]
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