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Searching for "Red Planet"
Dramatic dried-up river channels over a mile wide and 650 feet deep have been detected on Mars, showcasing how the Red Planet once hosted liquid... [Read More]
Mars Express, a veteran atmospheric research orbiter developed and launched by European Space Agency with Russian assistance in 2003 to get a better understanding of... [Read More]
THE European Space Agency (ESA) has found evidence of rivers and ancient water flows on Mars, proving the Red Planet once resembled Earth. But could... [Read More]
Returning from the Red Planet requires hurdling another obstacle: Harvesting hydrogen from the Martian surface for rocket fuel. [Read More]
LOONY conspiracy theorists are at it again – and this time they think they've found an ancient alien temple on Mars. New photos of the... [Read More]
Thanks to NASA's Insight Lander, we can now see daily weather reports from the rocky red planet let's just say it is really, really frigid. [Read More]
Alex joins a host of salty robots as they battle it out on the Red Planet for total planetary market share. [Read More]
LIFE on Mars was actually discovered by an astronomer more than 100 years ago, who wildly claimed he could see evidence of "artificially built canals"... [Read More]
Science News: Travelling to the red planet, astronauts will have to endure a level of isolation unprecedented in space travel, which has been compared to... [Read More]
Wear a coat, it'll be -95 degrees: Nasa's newest lander is offering daily reports on the red planet's icy winter. [Read More]
Don Banfield, a research scientist at Cornell University and lead on weather science for NASA's InSight lander, comments on the first weather report from Mars. [Read More]
It's extremely chilly on Mars, according to InSight: The NASA lander will now provide you with a daily weather report from the Red Planet. Starting... [Read More]
And now for the weather on Mars: NASA's newest lander is offering daily reports on the red planet's frigid winter. Starting Tuesday, NASA's Jet... [Read More]
And now for the weather on Mars: NASA's newest lander is offering daily reports on the red planet's frigid winter. Starting Tuesday, NASA's Jet Propulsion... [Read More]
If you're planning a trip to Elysium Planitia on Mars, pack a sweater. Beginning today, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory will provide daily weather reports for... [Read More]
A NASA rover on Mars, named Opportunity, was finally declared dead last week. It had been unresponsive for months. Scientists and engineers had sent i... [Read More]
A local Mainer worked with the Mars rover 'Opportunity' before it died last week after 15 years on the red planet. [Read More]
ShareSpace's Giant Mars Map™ is an exciting, core science standards-based, interactive educational tool that helps children develop an understanding for real-world, STEAM-based concepts using the... [Read More]
Last week, the world shed a collective tear over the demise of the 15-year-old Opportunity rover. Now, with Mars fever sweeping the web, there's no... [Read More]
NASA says its InSight lander has knocked another important milestone off its checklist in placing its second instrument on the surface of Mars. The U.S.... [Read More]
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