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Searching for "Parkinson's Disease"
Dr. Mona Khanna explores the various affects of Parkinson's disease through the famous patients affected by it, most recently including Jesse Jackson. [Read More]
Intense aerobic exercise in the early stage of Parkinson's disease can at least temporarily avoid the worsening of motor symptoms commonly associated with the affliction,... [Read More]
People with early stage Parkinson's may be able to delay a worsening of the disease through a regimen of intense exercise, new research found. [Read More]
High-intensity exercise a few times a week can delay severity of Parkinson's disease symptoms in those in early stages, research shows. [Read More]
A good, hard workout several times a week can slow down the progression of Parkinson's disease for at least six months, according to a new... [Read More]
Founding member Jeff Cook, who's been battling Parkinson's disease, will be onstage this week. [Read More]
One of the first signs came at the keyboard. Mike Beck, a National Security Agency counterintelligence officer, could always bang out 60 words a minute.... [Read More]
Acorda (ACOR) resubmits new drug application for its late stage pipeline candidate, Inbrija to the FDA. [Read More]
Parkinson's disease (PD) is a devastating and complex neurodegenerative disorder that progressively impairs the control of purposeful movement. More than 500,000 Americans are currently diagnosed... [Read More]
Knocking Out Parkinson's... [Read More]
Ken and Courtney are talking with Sheldon Vicks about a special program for people who are suffering from Parkinson's disease. [Read More]
(—As you may have heard, I have hard news to share. After a battery of tests, my physicians have informed me that I am suffering... [Read More]
GAGLIANO, Marion, 84, of Chester, Va., died after a long battle with Parkinson's disease. She is survived by her sister, Dorothy; and brother, Michael (Katherine);... [Read More]
FARGO—Those living with Parkinson's Disease, know the frustration of limited mobility, a weaker voice and difficulty writing.But a unique program called "Big and Loud" has... [Read More]
We face a pandemic, and we should treat it as one. [Read More]
Funeral arrangements have been announced for Oaklawn President Charles J. Cella who passed away at the age of 81 on Wednesday morning after complications from... [Read More]
In the latest edition of People Helping People, our series celebrating acts of kindness, Megyn Kelly salutes Bill Bucklew, who's walking 2,503 miles across America... [Read More]
Bobby G. "Bob" Whicker of Bristol, Tenn., passed away at his home on Tuesday, December 5, 2017, at the age of 77, after a long... [Read More]
Former NSA spy Mike Beck believes that his Parkinson's disease was caused by a microwave attack in 1996. With no known cause for Parkinson's, experts... [Read More]
Restless sleep may tip off Parkinson's disease later in life. [Read More]
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