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Searching for "New Technology"
America experiences more severe weather than any nation on Earth. New technology is impressive, but there's no substitute for ground truth — knowing what is... [Read More]
Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants the state to reboot its workforce development system, and Melinda Mack has some ideas on how to do it. ... [Read More]
This is pretty cool. College football programs across the country are further investing in new cutting-edge helmet technology to measure the hits that players... [Read More]
Nevisense is a device used in office that's FDA-approved, painless and there's no downtime. [Read More]
Companies flock to register in Wyoming after bold push for hyped new technology but results remain virtual. [Read More]
The search for dark galaxies may have finally come to an end. [Read More]
Law enforcement will be a "common use case" for the tech. Privacy is a luxury that seems to be slipping away from our world... [Read More]
Feedback at work generally happens like this: Managers provide it to their subordinates, on everything from performance to professionalism. But thanks to changing workplace norms... [Read More]
As the opioid crisis continues to damage communities across the country, new mapping technology is helping family members of victims cope by allowing them to... [Read More]
A new technology being developed at University of Central Florida would allow consumers to shift the color of fabric on the fly, potentially allowing for... [Read More]
Striking the balance between code compliance and energy-efficient ventilation is possible with new technology from Aprilaire. Patented control logic was created specifically to meet the... [Read More]
The Rockford Police Department is on the cutting edge with new technology. Officials hope two recent additions to the department's investigative tools will eventually curtail... [Read More]
The Swatara Township Police Department has new technology aimed at helping officers decide when they should and should not use force. [Read More]
Farming is undergoing a quiet but radical transformation as machine learning and automation innovations reduce waste. One especially promising new technology targets individual weeds. (more…) [Read More]
The Kata Containers 1.0 milestone provides new technology to protect and isolate cloud workloads all the way down to bare metal hardware. [Read More]
Wineries are looking for ways to stand out as they strive to attract new customers. This has led to the development of augmented reality technology,... [Read More]
Researchers have developed new technology for decoding neuromuscular signals to control powered, prosthetic wrists and hands. The work relies on computer models that closely mimic... [Read More]
Zunum Aero, a Seattle aviation startup, just announced that JetSuite will buy up to 100 of its new-technology hybrid-electric regional jets. [Read More]
New research reveals how robots can grow mini-organs from human stem cells and how the new technology can lead to drug discovery... [Read More]
The first female president in the New York Stock Exchange's 226-year history, incoming NYSE President Stacey Cunningham speaks to CNBC about the outlook for public... [Read More]
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