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Searching for "Net Neutrality"
A repeal of net neutrality means you would be charged extra money to access websites like Netflix or Spotify. [Read More]
The Federal Communication Commission votes Thursday to replace the 2015 rules that prohibit Internet service providers from block and slowing online content. [Read More]
After a chorus of Democratic and Independent lawmakers called for the FCC to delay its planned vote on a rollback of net neutrality protections, at... [Read More]
The Federal Communications Commissions is expected to vote tomorrow to repeal the net neutrality order implemented in 2015. The anticipated reversal has sparked heated debate... [Read More]
Let's talk about the end of net neutrality in terms of a hellscape everyone knows: airport security lines. [Read More]
The FCC, led by Ajit Pai, is expected to vote Thursday to repeal net neutrality rules put in place during the Obama administration. [Read More]
With federal regulators poised to repeal net neutrality rules this week, your internet service provider would be allowed to speed up delivery of some online... [Read More]
It helps no one but big internet providers.        ... [Read More]
Net neutrality has allowed young people to share their ideas, rally together, and speak truth to power in a way that evades traditional media gatekeepers. [Read More]
It will begin with services such as Netflix. People will see the price of streaming services increase if the FCC ditches the country's net neutrality... [Read More]
The president and CEO of the trade group that lobbies for the ISPs that are trying to end net neutrality would like everyone to just... [Read More]
This is a huge, huge deal. [Read More]
Netflix helped spark the debate over net neutrality three years ago by raising concerns about how its internet traffic was being handled. But as the... [Read More]
On Thursday, the Federal Communications Commission is expected to vote to end net neutrality, which is what allows the Internet to be an even playing... [Read More]
Tomorrow, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission will be voting to possibly repeal the "Net Neutrality" regulations put in place in 2015 by the Obama administration.... [Read More]
Further economizing the internet has drastic consequences on everyone from artists to fans to media outlets. [Read More]
Rep. Mike Coffman of Colorado became the first GOP lawmaker to call for the Federal Communications Commission to delay its vote on net neutrality, The... [Read More]
If you like how your cable and satellite service works, then you're going to love the internet after the Federal Communications Commission votes to end... [Read More]
STEPHANIE RUHLE (HOST): I want to bring in one of my faves, Jeff Jarvis, associate professor and director of interactive program at CUNY School of Journalism. Jeff, I want to play for... [Read More]
We're in the final 36 hours before the FCC's vote to kill net neutrality. The "Break the Internet" protest is still going strong, and we... [Read More]
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