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Searching for "Native Americans"
I had a great time at the Big Auburn Pow Wow. (My first one!) I chatted with people from groups that work with Native Americans... [Read More]
I don't have to tell you that this was one very busy week in Danvers, beginning with the Columbus Day commemoration Oct. 9. Massachusetts still... [Read More]
Readers sound off on Little Free Libraries and monuments to those who killed Native Americans. [Read More]
The days when what would become Gwinnett needed a military presence to keep the peace between white settlers and Native Americans will be highlighted at... [Read More]
For a brief period, the US government did establish a "colonization program," where they brought other Native Americans onto the reservation. Like Ron Moore's family,... [Read More]
A handful of longtime Sanders allies are upset with a big DNC decision — but others aren't. After Obama ally Tom Perez won a bitter... [Read More]
The Inter-Tribal Council of the Five Civilized Tribes represents approximately 750,000 Native Americans, an increase of about 100,000 since 2016, according to... [Read More]
A high school in Maine with a warrior for a mascot has come under fire for its alleged portrayal of Native Americans. [Read More]
Celebrating explorer, Native Americans on same day is good idea... [Read More]
Two local Native Americans are leaders in a grass-roots movement to improve Native health by reviving the active ways of their ancestors. [Read More]
Officials in Kalamazoo have agreed to recognize Indigenous Peoples Day instead of Columbus Day, but the city hasn't decided what to do with a statue... [Read More]
Thank you, Dennis Herr and Tammy Oldham for your letters about the U.S. government's atrocious treatment of Native Americans ("Indestructible Crazy Horse Monument On The... [Read More]
Spreading syphilisThe article by Ray Duckler about Columbus Day was, as usual, excellent (Sunday Monitor, Oct. 8).The article correctly stated the Europeans brought new diseases... [Read More]
No more gunsWhen the Second Amendment was written, the area west of the Colonies was a vast forest filled with wild animals and sometimes dangerous... [Read More]
Long before Los Angeles had the Dodgers, the film industry or even before "The Pobladores", Native Americans settled along the now Los Angeles River in... [Read More]
News has been full of reports of racial tension in the last couple of years. Police treat blacks more violently than they do other groups.... [Read More]
Sheridan invited tribal leaders to the set, cast as many Native Americans as he could and even got most of the film's financing from the... [Read More]
Amelia Tuplin and her son, Lisbon quarterback Lucas Francis, are full-blooded Micmac. [Read More]
The bronze sculpture is a Nebraska 150 Legacy project. It honors Native Americans and their fight for civil rights and equality. [Read More]
Mishy Lesser, co-director of the Upstander Project, spoke about the cultural genocide of Native Americans on Thursday afternoon. [Read More]
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