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Searching for "My Head"
I continue to scratch my head as I watch new buildings going up in Bozeman. We now have another ugly building added to the long... [Read More]
From teenage soap sensation to pop royalty, over Kylie Minogue's three-decade career she has sold 80 million records, survived breast cancer and become a gay... [Read More]
I can't sleep. But I'm so tired. My heart keeps racing and my nerves are jangling in my head like bangles. [Read More]
Ex-press chief condemns demonisation of Tony Blair, hailing him as party's most successful leader... [Read More]
Blake Collins said a cockroach got into his ear and laid an egg due to his roach-infested apartment in Florida. [Read More]
I recently asked you, dear readers, to send in some stories about signs from family and friends who have died. Thank you for swamping me... [Read More]
Sitting at the computer this week, I felt a slight movement atop my head. [Read More]
With the onset of warm weather, as visions of campfire flames dance in my head, I always recall one Proustian meal cooked over a fire... [Read More]
The Seminole County Sheriff's Office on Friday released the frantic 911 call made by one of the victims in Wednesday's double shooting near Longwood. ... [Read More]
A roach crawled into the ear of Florida man Blake Collins' ear and laid an egg before an emergency doctor had to kill it with... [Read More]
similar to when you wake up looking for a late-night snack and don't want anyone to know that you're eating the last piece of chocolate... [Read More]
Underoos were always treated more as pajama than underwear, but occasionally some Super Kid would wear them to school and the jokes would fly! Sometimes... [Read More]
Welcome to the new morning post concept, which I've decided to call "The Cooler." It works on three levels (in my head), but I'm not... [Read More]
With a quick snap of my wrist, I set the hook into another hearty bluegill and raise the purple and black bull from the water.... [Read More]
Bob Dylan is as real to me as the strands of hair on my head. His was the last vinyl I played after a night... [Read More]
Reader, I come to you exhausted. I come to you with my head in my hands, at my wit's end. And all because there are... [Read More]
Welcome to the new morning post concept, which I've decided to call "The Cooler." It works on three levels (in my head), but I'm not... [Read More]
"Another two inches and that could have been into my backseat or, you know, the back of my head," said Tony Aguilar. [Read More]
After reading the 18 pages detailing the provisions of Measure C, I was left scratching my head as to what "watershed protections" exist in Measure... [Read More]
Joshua Pierre Sims probably wouldn't have lived through the night of Monday, May 30, 2016, if the pistol pointed at him had worked."He went up... [Read More]
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