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Searching for "Messed Up"
An anxious and upset Trent Errington tapped at his friend's window in the early hours of the morning to say he had messed up and... [Read More]
I messed up at work and I can't stop ruminating about it. I've just begun my third year with this organization. My title is... [Read More]
Last year, the biggest surprise from DC Comics' radically re-invented Hanna-Barbera comic book series was The Flintstones title written by Mark Russell. It was filled... [Read More]
Fabian Miguel Smith, 33, of Zachary, La., is accused of killing Jericho Smith Saturday afternoon at the family's home. The baby was stabbed multiple times. [Read More]
Fabian Miguel Smith, 33, of Zachary, La., is accused of killing Jericho Smith Saturday afternoon at the family's home. The baby was stabbed multiple times. [Read More]
No one seems to agree on what should've been called after a Jets TD got overturned against the Patriots... [Read More]
Either Newt Gingrich is hitting the sauce early today, or he really messed up when he got on Twitter to praise President Trump for his... [Read More]
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Director Woody Allen told the BBC on Saturday that the sexual assault and harassment allegations against Harvey Weinstein were "very sad for... [Read More]
Not long after making headlines for telling the BBC that the recent Harvey Weinstein scandal is "tragic" for the women involved and "sad for Harvey... [Read More]
Harvey Weinstein's 'life is so messed up,' said filmmaker Woody Allen when confronted about his thoughts on the sexual misconduct scandal. [Read More]
​Hollyoaks legend Tony Hutchinson has messed up again by sharing a secret kiss with his ex-wife Mandy Richardson. [Read More]
Donald Trump Jr. blasted Woody Allen for saying he feels 'sorry' for 'messed up' Harvey Weinstein who has been accused dozens of times of... [Read More]
Woody Allen called the scandal looming over Harvey Weinstein, "very sad for everybody involved." The disgraced movie mogul is facing dozens of allegations that include... [Read More]
A lot of people have had utterly terrible takes on the many sexual harassment allegations against Harvey Weinstein, with some people suggesting that Mike Pence... [Read More]
Woody Allen feels "sad" for Harvey Weinstein over abuse allegations against the disgraced movie mogul, telling the BBC on Sunday the situation was "tragic" for... [Read More]
Hollywood director and writer Woody Allen responded to the situation of mogul Harvey Weinstein, saying he is sad for the man and the women he allegedly... [Read More]
Poor tackling, coverage blunders and a stagnant offense certainly weren't representative of what Pearland hoped to bring to Crump Stadium Friday night. But after looking... [Read More]
"Tragic for the poor women involved, sad for Harvey that [his] life is so messed up," the director said. [Read More]
Director Woody Allen is bent out of shape over sexual harassment reports surrounding Harvey Weinstein, according to a new report by the BBC. ABC News reports: 'The whole... [Read More]
Woody Allen says he feels "sad" for "messed up" film producer Harvey Weinstein over the numerous sex assault allegations he faces. [Read More]
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