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When it comes to arming our teachers, it really comes down to one question. Would you rather have a gun or not? [Read More]
I've been around for eight decades and seen a lot. Nonjudgmental answers to the following questions may shed some light on recent headline news. What... [Read More]
What's the value of a cyber charter school? It depends on whom you ask. Parents and caregivers at Commonwealth Charter Academy value the respect we... [Read More]
There's an old saying, "Money is the root of all evil." The NRA donated more than $30 million to support Donald Trump in the 2016... [Read More]
The latest "My Rocky Mount" magazine published by the City Manager's Office has made it clear that the Rocky Mount City Council and all those... [Read More]
Another senseless mass killing. Another outpouring of thoughts and prayers from our elected officials. Well, your thoughts and prayers aren't cutting it. It's past time... [Read More]
"Natural gas driller gives inside look at seismic testing" was a nice, informative article without political spin on what is actually involved in specific services... [Read More]
If you have a situation between countries where one country keeps gobbling up the territory of another in attacks and all you do is negotiate... [Read More]
I'm going to miss the McGinnis sisters store. When I moved to Monroeville in 1969, I started to shop there when it was at Penn... [Read More]
The town election will be held on March 27... [Read More]
This season, the men's basketball team finished 11-20, with a pitiful record of 2-14 in conference play. They were never a real contender in the... [Read More]
Writer describes Fam First Fathers Against Meth... [Read More]
Writer is against corruption in Washington... [Read More]
It is shameful and reprehensible that an apparently over-resourced state's attorney's office pursued charges of this nature when the Eastern Shore tragically... [Read More]
On Tuesday, March 20, the Rockdale County Board of Commissioners held a public forum regarding the $140 million bond measure. [Read More]
James McDonald... [Read More]
  March 29 has officially been designated Vietnam Veterans Day. As a war that is said to still influence and shape our country today, this... [Read More]
I encourage those following the upcoming FCRC canvass election news to read my Fauquier Times letter to the editor of 14 March and compare that... [Read More]
My family dealt with the Mahoning Township boil water notice for several days. It was an inconvenience, not a full blown crisis, but I am... [Read More]
I am responding to your article on March 13 — "Lawmakers: Ban Abortions for Down syndrome." I would like to comment on the last statement... [Read More]
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