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I just read a statistic of how many homeless children in the U.S. and have to ask why the news media, churches and local government... [Read More]
What happened to Democrat Party I once knew? [Read More]
News flash: In the Sept. 18 Post Independent, Alex Zorn reports the Garfield County commissioners signed a resolution opposing Proposition 112, the ballot issue establishing... [Read More]
The only safe gas pipeline is the one that is not built.It has been reported that Columbia Gas, the company whose pipelines erupted in flames... [Read More]
Every time I talk myself into backing off and giving President Trump some slack he erupts and I'm writing again. [Read More]
INFORUM Every creature has a task it is incapable of completing despite having every means of doing so. For instance, despite popular belief, cows can... [Read More]
If the warming continues to worsen as is predicted, what will we tell our grandchildren? [Read More]
Many teachers will come back if board members and legislators will devote some serious, thoughtful attention to these needs. [Read More]
The natural gas disaster that struck Massachusetts on Thursday night was a mere 30 miles south of Liberty Utilities' proposed Granite Bridge pipeline. Nearly simultaneously,... [Read More]
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