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The White House sent a letter to CNN's chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta, informing him that when a temporary restraining order runs out, he... [Read More]
In the end, the best this old goy can do is one inadequate word, your word, to neighbor, Jew, friend, fellow human: shalom. [Read More]
The mayor of Glenwood Springs remembers when the South Canyon landfill was a total dump! So do I. This landfill has never been in better... [Read More]
A recent letter writer wants the government to do something about the growing gun violence. What can they do? Every new gun law that has... [Read More]
Editor:... [Read More]
Letter-writer Marlene Butler ('Why I'm voting Democrat,' Oct. 28, TribLIVE) completely missed the point of my letter ('What's up, Dems,' Oct. 15, TribLIVE). I asked... [Read More]
Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is the first foreign enemy to attack the United States with impunity. Putin smiled like a conquering hero in Helsinki while... [Read More]
I am curious what President Trump will do when the immigrant caravan reaches the U.S. southern border. Is he going to shoot them? Now is... [Read More]
Santa Clara Valley Water District retired director says Mercury News was wrong to oppose Prop. 3 bond measure. [Read More]
Our president has not visited our troops in Iraq, Syria, of Afghanistan not even once and he even cancelled a visit to tour the demilitarized... [Read More]
To the editor: I'm talking about the chain link fence that the Navy threatens build through the lawns of some Portsmouth residents, and by... [Read More]
It always seems like the problems we hear about are with electronic voting machines. [Read More]
Having just a few minutes ago felt compelled, in defense of my own peace of mind, to cease observing (via television) a "presidential" news conference... [Read More]
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