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Normal Republican/Democratic politics aside, I think one of the biggest dividing factors between the American people is the fact that many see President Trump as... [Read More]
President Donald Trump once more maneuvered his adversaries into a false sense of security. A master negotiator, he gives a little and then positions himself... [Read More]
Former Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe tells Nicolle Wallace about seeing the 4-page letter the president wrote justifying the firing of then-FBI Director James Comey... [Read More]
Too many Americans are worrying about the wrong things. [Read More]
Editor,... [Read More]
Regarding Mrs. Ledwell-Gant's letter, Trump hasn't asked for $5.9 billion for a border barrier. It's $5.7 billion.Secondly, it isn't Trump; even Obama's head border agent... [Read More]
Letter writer: The real national emergency is the unreliable egomaniac in the White House... [Read More]
President Sean Hannity summoned his emissary, Donald Trump, and declared that three things must be done: Sign the border security bill. Find money elsewhere to... [Read More]
Dear Editor:... [Read More]
A reader last week mentioned lasting damage to the country being done by President Trump ("Real work begins after Trump leaves office," Friday letter). While... [Read More]
So you think the problem at the border is just about immigrants coming in illegally? This is beyond illegality. Many of these immigrants have... [Read More]
Mr. Steller and Ms. Gassen are Correct in their Assessment of Trump's "National Emergency"! [Read More]
Cartoonist Wiley Miller screwed up. Perhaps he should have written "Grab 'em by the p---y." Please be concerned over issues that matter. [Read More]
Regarding "It's Time for Trump to Govern," Professor Paul deLespinasse's opinion piece in the Feb. 5 Gazette-Times: Professor deLespinasse twice proclaimed his interest in having... [Read More]
Regarding "It's Time for Trump to Govern," Professor Paul deLespinasse's opinion piece in the Feb. 5 Gazette-Times: Professor deLespinasse twice proclaimed his interest in having... [Read More]
Just a bit of history first: Hitler was not really elected by a majority, but was appointed as the designated Chancellor of Germany in January... [Read More]
Dennis Bourdeau's Feb. 8 letter stating Trump wants what we all want is a travesty. [Read More]
For a president with little sense of humor, Donald Trump certainly provides us with a lot of laughs.  Trump's hypocrisy is on parade as he... [Read More]
Regarding Carl Mochak's letter "Trump must be impeached" (Feb. 8, TribLIVE): It seems like you're in line with the Trump haters. Your last line asked... [Read More]
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe gave him "the most beautiful copy" of a five-page nomination letter, Trump said at a White House news conference. [Read More]
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