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To the editor: It is time for you to step up and do your job, which is to do right by the citizens you represent.... [Read More]
By Rebekah Gee Sec. of Department of Health Dear Sen. Bill Cassidy, First, I want to thank you for your continued dialog on health care... [Read More]
I have been a registered nurse in labor and delivery and NICU for 22 years. I witness, on a daily basis, the benefits of preventative... [Read More]
Gov. Ducey is dead wrong in supporting the latest Republican health care bill because if the Graham-Cassidy bill is passed, people may die as a... [Read More]
I, like our Governor, am a Pennsylvanian by birth and on Ohioan by choice. I choose to live in Ohio because of its diversity, culture... [Read More]
Do not take away millions of people's health care, while lining the pockets of wealthy donors and lobbyists. Work across the party lines to fix... [Read More]
I volunteer at the local food pantry. Afterwards, I reflect on the night's positive experience. It reinforces the realization that the vast majority of people... [Read More]
'... constituents will not stand for gutting basic assistance programs ... .'... [Read More]
On behalf of the American Lung Association in Arizona I'm writing to urge Sen. John McCain to oppose the Graham-Cassidy bill. This legislation would allow... [Read More]
Re: the Sept. 21 article "Governor: Repeal is still better than ACA." [Read More]
Re: the Sept. 21 article "Governor: Repeal is still better than ACA." [Read More]
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