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Searching for "Kellyanne Conway"
It was reported earlier today that a well-known and prominent pro-Trump Twitter account was actually run by a notorious Russian troll farm. The account, @TEN_GOP,... [Read More]
On the most recent episode of Saturday Night Live, the program decided to show Kellyanne Conway the way most of us already view her by... [Read More]
After the interview, Conway presumably found one of her 11 and a half bathrooms to sit in and contemplate what she had said. [Read More]
A Florida Republican congressional candidate went viral Monday when it was revealed she claimed she was abducted by an unidentified flying object as well as... [Read More]
On Fox & Friends this morning, Kellyanne Conway defended President Trump attempting to contrast how he's reached out to grieving military families with his predecessors. [Read More]
President Donald Trump is governing as a "center-right president" who doesn't display what Sen. John McCain Monday called "half-baked nationalism" in either his agenda or... [Read More]
The hosts of the conservative show were not fans of a new "Saturday Night Live" sketch featuring Kate McKinnon as White House counselor Kellyanne Conway. [Read More]
Heckuva job, Kellyanne. [Read More]
Clean-up needed in the Rose Garden. Will Kellyanne Conway report to Fox News, please? After Donald Trump's outrageous claim that he, unlike President Obama,... [Read More]
Presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway said on Tuesday that President Donald Trump is "winning" the argument against Colin Kaepernick on whether or not players have a... [Read More]
Once again, Saturday Night Live proved that it's okay to mock a woman as long as she is conservative. And once again, White House advisor... [Read More]
On 'The Story,' counselor to President Trump discusses the Bannon-McConnell rift, tax reform and the drug czar nominee. [Read More]
That is a lot of bathrooms. [Read More]
One of the main messages that prominent Republicans are required to try and push on the American people is that Donald Trump is a smart... [Read More]
Screenshot/NBC "Saturday Night Live" featured a favorite target, President Donald Trump's top counselor Kellyanne Conway, mocking her desire for media attention. The skit... [Read More]
Kellyanne Conway tries to tempt Anderson Cooper to let her on his show in a parody of Stephen King's thriller "It" on"Saturday Night Live." [Read More]
'You'll float too'... [Read More]
We all have our phobias. A clown lurking in the sewers may not be yours, so how about Kellyanne Conway doing the lurking? [Read More]
The Sunday "Fox & Friends" hosts were most upset by a "Saturday Night Live" bit that seemed to mock Kellyanne Conway. [Read More]
Saturday Night Live's latest skit poking fun at White House adviser Kellyanne Conway compares her to Pennywise the Dancing Clown. As 'Kellywise,' SNL cast member... [Read More]
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