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On HBO's "Last Week Tonight," John Oliver examines how Facebook has screwed up on the path to global domination. [Read More]
Oliver blasted Trump for saying Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's parents didn't love her... [Read More]
The Last Week Tonight host went all-in on Facebook's role in stoking political unrest in places like Myanmar. [Read More]
It's Jon Stewart acting shocked. It's Samantha Bee, pretending to care. It's Trevor Noah, John Oliver; it's Seth Meyers, explaining outrage but not doing much... [Read More]
John Oliver and his team are back with a compelling reason why Facebook is the worst. [Read More]
"Calling Facebook a toilet is a little unfair to toilets, because they make shit go away." [Read More]
Last Week Tonight gives those annoying, feel-good Facebook commercials a more accurate update. [Read More]
If he gets on, there are three women on the Supreme Court -- RBG, Elena Kagan, and Sonia Sotomayor -- who are going to have... [Read More]
Music, Film, TV and Political News Coverage... [Read More]
John Oliver on Sunday took on President Trump and Fox News analyst Jeanine Pirro for their defenses of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, amid the... [Read More]
John Oliver has proposed a new ad for Facebook, but don't expect Mark Zuckerberg to be adopting it. In the latest episode of his HBO... [Read More]
John Oliver is not "Liking" Facebook these days. "Calling Facebook a toilet is a little unfair to toilets because they make s- go away,... [Read More]
Oliver transforms the depressing truth about Facebook into a parody ad, hilariously mocking its "we connect the world" slogan. [Read More]
Facebook usage is falling in the US and Canada, especially among young people, but it's still dominating the internet overseas, especially in countries where Zero... [Read More]
Oliver goes long on Facebook's content moderation problems. [Read More]
The commentator pointed to the company's experience in Myanmar. [Read More]
The "Last Week Tonight" host calls the social network "a fetid swap of mistruths and outright lies." [Read More]
The "Last Week Tonight" host also went after Fox News and GOP apologists for the Supreme Court nominee. [Read More]
After a blisteringly funny opening spent compiling all the new shapes into which conservative commentators are contorting themselves in their frenzied mission to excuse yet... [Read More]
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