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As anticipated, President Donald Trump recently used his executive authority to reverse measures implemented as part of the Affordable Care Act that mandate coverage of... [Read More]
Everyone here should be following U.S. Senator Bob Casey, Jr. (D. PA) on Twitter because he's been using it asa perfect weapon to resist Trump:... [Read More]
What happened? President Donald Trump …... [Read More]
During a quick presser before a cabinet meeting, when Trump was asked about his legislative failures, he took zero responsibility: "I'm not going... [Read More]
President Donald Trump was extremely hesitant to select Mike Pence as his vice president, The New Yorker reported in a lengthy profile on Pence released... [Read More]
On Monday morning, The New Yorker dropped a lengthy piece on Vice President Mike Pence. The story chronicled, among other things, how Trump frequently mocks... [Read More]
President Donald Trump ended the months-long speculation on whether he would end Obamacare insurer subsidies that are the subject of GOP lawsuit, with an announcement... [Read More]
At moments of grave international crisis, careful use of language, rather than simply an indulgence of the id, is vital. [Read More]
On Monday morning, The New Yorker dropped a lengthy piece on Vice President Mike Pence. The story chronicled, among other things, how Trump frequently mocks... [Read More]
Sexual harassment allegations took down Roger Ailes, Bill O'Reilly, Harvey Weinstein and possibly Amazon Studios' Roy Price. Donald Trump, however, won the presidency despite his... [Read More]
Error... [Read More]
ACA subsidies by county for midwest, northern Illinois... [Read More]
The collapse of NAFTA could hurt U.S. businesses more than those in Canada and Mexico. [Read More]
President Trump proposes double the standard deduction for mortgages but only if homeowners don't take itemized deductions. Only homes worth $801,000 or more would qualify... [Read More]
WASHINGTON: President Trump has made a lot of promises on health care. [Read More]
It almost seemed like the league and commissioner Roger Goodell would stand up to Trump. But that's when public sentiment was on the side of... [Read More]
President Trump took executive action to begin dismantling Obamacare. Inside Politics breaks down who will be most affected and the political impact. [Read More]
There's a lot of competition for this dubious distinction, but the media's treatment of President Donald Trump's decision to end certain Obamacare subsidy payments to... [Read More]
Pulling out of the 2015 agreement could give North Korea an "excuse" to continue its nuclear program. [Read More]
Trump's War With North Korea Puts America at Risk Democrats in Congress say it would be "illegal" and "catastrophic" if President Donald Trump were to... [Read More]
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