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Searching for "How Harvey"
The Jewish News of Northern California... [Read More]
Instead of modestly retreating to the barest of facts, scientists and other supporters of policy measures to combat climate change should talk about how Harvey... [Read More]
(Sept. 19) During the past year, there have been remarkable changes at Child Protective Services (CPS). With Governor Greg Abbott's vision of CPS becoming the... [Read More]
Just as a major hurricane is bearing down on Florida, ISM released a report documenting the impact of Harvey, based on a special survey that... [Read More]
Jobless claims surged in Texas due to Hurricane Harvey. Florida could report similar increases depending on how bad the damage is from Hurricane Irma. But... [Read More]
Just a week after Hurricane Harvey struck Houston, Irma Jalifi was doing something that might sound crazy: closing on a home. [Read More]
One local cotton farmer is still recovering after Harvey storms. [Read More]
With a scary forecast, the team is doing everything they can before they hit the road. Only a week after the Rangers and Astros... [Read More]
News3 Meteorologist Mack Morris was live from Lake Walk Town Center in Bryan to talk about how Harvey's flooding impacted local producers. [Read More]
"Dog catches car." That might be hap- pening in the nation's Capitol, and in the Texas Capitol, where Republicans control the legislative and executive branches... [Read More]
Topics in this edition of Talkback 16 include President Trump's reversal of the "Dreamers" citizenship plan, higher gasoline prices because of Hurricane Harvey, and how... [Read More]
Among tropical storms that caused $1 billion damage or more in the United States, Hurricane Harvey is among the deadliest. [Read More]
22News is working for you with how Harvey managed to travel through the United States over the last couple of days... [Read More]
The road was chest-high in water, forcing the two men to slog across lawns that sloped up to brick homes. When Andrew Pasek's sister evacuated... [Read More]
How three families survived the deadly waters in Houston... [Read More]
The National Flood Insurance Program faces a growing deficit and has been shedding policyholders for years — even as national flood risk grows. [Read More]
The science that may explain how Harvey devastated Houston isn't a hoax, Mr. President. [Read More]
More than a year ago, Houston officials were warned the city was a 'sitting duck' for the next hurricane, but the report went ignored. [Read More]
Local university student shares how Harvey destroyed the place she called home. [Read More]
Hurricane Harvey has spiked gas prices across the country. [Read More]
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