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You gotta hand it to our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters in the press. They couldn't drag Grandma over the finish line on Election Day,... [Read More]
'That's the unanswered question'... [Read More]
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She's finally expressing some righteous anger. Why does that make everyone else so mad?" Traister, writer-at-large for the magazine, laments Hillary Clinton's inability to express... [Read More]
While there are real differences between what's being reported about White House officials such as Jared Kushner and what Hillary Clinton did, the charge of... [Read More]
"Trump's racist neglect of Puerto Rico is threatening lives. It is time to start caring about the crisis there," a former Hillary Clinton aide tweeted. [Read More]
The President has condemned players for kneeling during the national anthem... [Read More]
Back in the United States, The New York Times has revealed that at least six of Trump's closest advisers—including Jared Kushner, Steve Bannon and Reince... [Read More]
How could six senior presidential aides mimic the strategy for which Trump lacerated Hillary Clinton? Only if they believe they are as immune to the... [Read More]
Read more about Ivanka, Kushner among six Trump advisers to use private emails for WH work on Business Standard. Trump has been condemning Hillary Clinton... [Read More]
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton loomed large in the House Republican probe of the deaths of the U.S. ambassador to Libya in the Benghazi... [Read More]
"I've never gotten used to how much effort it takes just to be a woman in the public eye." [Read More]
Hillary Clinton on Monday reacted to the news that members of the Trump administration have been using private emails, calling it the "height of hypocrisy." [Read More]
In a conversation for "CBS This Morning" co-host Charlie Rose's PBS program, Hillary Clinton opened up about former FBI director James Comey and his role... [Read More]
The American edition of Hillary Clinton's What Happened looks stylish and elegant; the UK one is dreadful. But the reasons that books differ so much... [Read More]
A top House Republican has demanded details on the use of private emails by some of President Donald Trump's closest advisers.   Rep.... [Read More]
Alex Wong/Getty Images It's been a wild few months for Republican Sen. Dean Heller of Nevada as the GOP has tried and, so far, failed... [Read More]
Alex Wong/Getty Images It's been a wild few months for Republican Sen. Dean Heller of Nevada as the GOP has tried and, so far, failed... [Read More]
So does anyone with functioning retinae. [Read More]
Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said in a Monday interview that she is not sure if President Trump is aware of the fact that... [Read More]
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