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Searching for "Global Warming"
Science does not offer certainty. The results of modern science are typically presented in statistics and probabilities. [Read More]
Thank you to the Daily Mail editorial ("Plenty of denial on both sides of global warming argument" Sept. 18) for pointing out that global warming... [Read More]
A computer scientist discusses the roles of plagiarism, conspiracies, anti-science memes, and intense beliefs in a global-warming denying report. [Read More]
Ahh..... fall in Michigan. Cozy sweaters, days as crisp as our apples, chilly breezes and frosty pumpkins. Wait, whaaaat? [Read More]
Ahh..... fall in Michigan. Cozy sweaters, days as crisp as our apples, chilly breezes and frosty pumpkins. Wait, whaaaat? [Read More]
In Sunday's New York Times, the paper's departing prophet of environmental doom, er reporter, Justin Gillis answered 17 questions under the heading "Your Questions About... [Read More]
Alaska's warming trend is accompanied by increasingly unpredictable weather that can make growing crops here even trickier than it already is. Pete Mayo and his... [Read More]
its numbers are up, much more of its habitat is protected, deforestation has stopped," he said by email. But "while there is som... [Read More]
Simply claiming to be an environmentalist, let alone assert climate change or global warming, immediately brands one as an elitist liberal Democrat. [Read More]
Houston is barely beginning to dry out from Hurricane Harvey, and Florida faces a massive rebuilding effort after the Irma catastrophe. These two storms, among... [Read More]
San Francisco's City Attorney on behalf of the People of the State of California sued BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Exxon, and Shell alleging they are responsible... [Read More]
A study published by the journal Nature Geoscience showing global warming failing to keep up with alarmists predictions should have been welcomed as good news. [Read More]
Regarding the Daily Mail editorial: "Plenty of denial on both sides of global warming argument," the post states, "Damage to New Orleans was heavy from... [Read More]
h/t The Spectator – Guardian author John Gibbons has written an extraordinary piece which blames climate denial on old white people. Climate deniers want to protect the... [Read More]
An anonymous reader quotes Popular Science: Raising cattle contributes to global warming in a big way. The animals expel large amounts of methane when they... [Read More]
Rex Murphy: All Global Warming Predictions Are Infallible… Until They're Not Could even a smidgen of the skepticism some have been urging, some of the... [Read More]
Ill winds are supposed to bring somebody good, so Al Gore, the circuit-riding global-warming preacher with manuscripts of novels and sequels in his saddle bags,... [Read More]
Let's imagine for a minute that, during the course of a routine X-ray, your family doctor discovers a mass on your mother's lung. From other... [Read More]
Led by unscrupulous politicians, too many of us are thinking along partisan lines when we try to address the complex problems of global warming and... [Read More]
It is both arrogant and ignorant to cast blame for natural disasters on people. [Read More]
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