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Ever since Andy Rubin revealed the Essential Phone last month, we haven't heard much new details about the upcoming device. However, the upcoming phone has... [Read More]
Two Motorola Mobility-made devices bearing the model numbers XT-1797 and XT-1803 were certified by the United States Federal Communications Commission earlier this month and are... [Read More]
The Essential PH-1 smartphone made by Andy Rubin's self-titled startup has been certified by the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) earl... [Read More]
Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai unveiled new details about a reported cyberattack that came after comedian John Oliver urged his viewers to flood the... [Read More]
Dah-dit-dah-dit, dah-dah-dit dah. This is not part of the chorus for a 1950s sock hop tune. It is a verbal representation of a Morse code... [Read More]
"With billions of robocalls made to cellphones each year, the feds should be doing more to rein in annoying telemarketers, not throw gas on the... [Read More]
The Federal Communications Commission and its chairman, Ajit Pai, agree with everyone that robocalls are a nuisance, and last week the FCC proposed a record... [Read More]
The commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission is slated to attend a broadband summit next month in Ohio. [Read More]
their local television news. Two decades-old rules... [Read More]
The commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission is slated to attend a broadband summit next month in Ohio. The Parkersburg News and Sentinel reports that... [Read More]
Describing his approach to merger reviews, Ajit Pai, a Republican who took over as chair of the Federal Communications Commission earlier this year, said the... [Read More]
The Federal Communications Commission approved a plan by OneWeb to put satellites closer than ever to the Earth's surface, which will result in much faster... [Read More]
Federal Communications Commission officials say Adrian Abramovich of Florida made as many as a million illegal telemarketing calls a days, at times using lines reserved... [Read More]
to establish universal net neutrality rules to protect consumers and... [Read More]
Describing his approach to merger reviews, Ajit Pai, a Republican who took over as chair of the Federal Communications Commission earlier this year, said the... [Read More]
The Federal Communications Commission has proposed a $120 million fine against a Florida man accused... [Read More]
A new poll has found that 60 percent of registered voters support the Federal Communications Commission's net neutrality rules as the agency's current leadership is... [Read More]
to establish universal net neutrality rules to protect consumers and... [Read More]
LG's new smartphone, bearing the model number LG-M700F, has now been spotted at the U.S certification site, Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Usually, smartphones get a... [Read More]
A federal agency has proposed its largest fine ever, $120 million, for illegal robocalls that "spoofed" or falsely identified the caller. An... [Read More]
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