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Farrow is defending herself after an op-ed in the Times cautioned readers to be wary of her child molestation accusations against Woody Allen. [Read More]
Opinion: Dylan Farrow seems sincere, but accusations aren't facts, writes Bret Stephens... [Read More]
Dyland Farrow took to Twitter on Sunday to slam a columnist who defended Woody Allen in the New York Times. [Read More]
Farrow takes issue with Stephens' use of Woody Allen for an argument in favor of the presumption of innocence amid abuse allegations. [Read More]
As the #MeToo movement continues to unfold, Dylan Farrow, who came forward with allegations of molestation against her adoptive father Woody Allen decades ago, continues... [Read More]
Actress Dylan Farrow has hit out at suggestions she invented her accusations against her father Woody Allen. [Read More]
A New York Times column questioning the validity of Dylan Farrow's accusation against Woody Allen earns a reply from her herself. [Read More]
"I've consistently stated the truth," she writes. [Read More]
Dylan Farrow responded to New York Times columnist Bret Stephens for his op-ed piece, entitled "The Smearing of Woody Allen," on Friday that claimed Farrow's... [Read More]
Bret Stephens, a foreign and domestic policy columnist for the New York Times, emerged from a cave on Friday to tell us What Bret Stephens... [Read More]
Actress Dylan Farrow slams 'New York Times' columnist Bret Stephens for defending Woody Allen and suggesting that she made up her story about him abusing... [Read More]
Four years ago, when Woody Allen was given a lifetime achievement award by the Golden Globes, Dylan Farrow curled up in a ball on her... [Read More]
Hollywood has a Woody Allen problem, and now San Diego does, too. In the wake of the #MeToo sexual-harassment reckoning, people inside and outside... [Read More]
Readers discuss the accusations of abuse by Dylan Farrow and whether the filmmaker's work should be reappraised. [Read More]
I saw in Woody's ingénues my own frustrating experiences as a young woman unable to control a power over older men that I never wanted... [Read More]
I saw in Woody's ingénues my own frustrating experiences as a young woman unable to control a power over older men that I never wanted... [Read More]
It seems the #MeToo wrecking ball is finally catching up with Woody Allen, haunted by allegations that he molested his adopted daughter. [Read More]
Too often, we have deferred to the powerful and doubted the weak, creating impunity and injustice. [Read More]
Mars Films head Stephane Celerier dismissed the furor over renewed allegations by Allen's adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow, that Allen molested her in an attic in... [Read More]
Four years ago, when Woody Allen was given a lifetime achievement award by the Golden Globes, Dylan Farrow curled up in a ball on her... [Read More]
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