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Searching for "Columbus Day"
On Monday, Oct. 9 (Columbus Day), garbage and recycling collection services by the city of Norwalk will follow the regular collection schedule. The Norwalk... [Read More]
Proclamation would reclaim 
second Monday in October 
from Columbus Day celebration... [Read More]
It seemed to start with Christopher Columbus. As children we learned that "in 1492 Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue."Franklin Delano Roosevelt made Columbus Day... [Read More]
The City Council will consider renaming Columbus Day as "Indigenous Peoples Day." A resolution, being sponsored by Salt Lake City Councilman Charlie Luke, could be... [Read More]
The political left has been talking forever about doing away with Columbus Day and now they've gone and done it. Several Democrat-dominated cities and towns... [Read More]
Macomb Community Action's Office of Senior Services is seeking 130 volunteers to help with the Meals on Wheels program on Columbus Day. [Read More]
The public is invited to discuss the multifaceted legacy of Christopher Columbus at a Columbus Day meeting Oct. 9 in Norwalk of the Humanists and... [Read More]
An Antifa group is rallying the troops to engage in defacement of statues of Christopher Columbus coast to coast for the upcoming national holiday. The... [Read More]
(Daily Caller) Following multiple acts of vandalism on Christopher Columbus statues since August, a militant antifa group has announced "Deface Columbus Day" on Oct. 9... [Read More]
The city has done nothing to change the designation of Columbus Day, also the second Monday in October, though several other cities and states have... [Read More]
The far-left extremists are calling for the destruction of historical monuments. [Read More]
by Sydney Brownstone ... [Read More]
The vote was unanimous. [Read More]
The Tulsa City Council voted Wednesday to recognize Native American Day instead of Columbus Day in the city. [Read More]
The vote was unanimous. [Read More]
Hurricane Irma's waterfront damage claimed another victim Thursday as organizers announced the cancellation of the Columbus Day Regatta, saying sacked docks and sunken sailboats made... [Read More]
King Richard's Faire, New England's largest and longest-running renaissance fair, has announced its 36th season running weekends including Columbus Day, through Oct. 22 at 235... [Read More]
A city council in Virginia has voted to commemorate Indigenous Peoples Day on the same day that Columbus Day has been traditionally observed. [Read More]
Barnes & Noble, Inc., along with the Columbus Citizens Foundation, today announced that more than 100 Italian-American authors will be marchin... [Read More]
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