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Searching for "Chain Migration"
President Donald Trump on Monday reiterated the need to end 'chain migration', which he said is essential towards creating a system that prefers American workers. [Read More]
'Which is critical for creating a system that puts American workers and the American taxpayer first'... [Read More]
President Trump talks about the wall, ending chain migration, DACA, and how he plans to deal with Congress to make immigration reform. From Wednesday's Hannity:... [Read More]
When President Donald Trump's administration released an immigration policy wish list Sunday, it included a complete revamping of the U.S. immigration system. It would limit... [Read More]
Featuring David Bier... [Read More]
The Trump administration has released its list of "legislative priorities" on immigration to the leadership and relevant committee chairs on Capitol Hill. Citing a review... [Read More]
President Trump sent Congress, on Sunday, a list of sweeping immigration changes he says "must be included as part of any legislation addressing the status... [Read More]
Trump send the list of demands to Congressional leaders on Sunday, setting the stage for contentious legislative negotiations that Democrats have threatened to derail. [Read More]
The English language is the key to the United States' common culture, but with amnesty and mass immigration, English is on rocky ground. [Read More]
Some were more surprised by this than others: Trump thinks it makes sense to sign an amnesty for young illegal immigrants and to let them... [Read More]
Immigration is a major reason why President Trump won the election. But it seems members of Congress still don't get it. The latest attempt, the... [Read More]
Amnesty for illegal aliens would lead to unprecedented chain migration of upwards of 10 million foreign nationals, under current law. [Read More]
After dining with President Donald Trump on Monday night, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) said Tuesday that the President wants legislation restoring the protections of the Deferred... [Read More]
How to replace a nation, six immigrants at a time. [Read More]
An amnesty for nearly 800,000 illegal aliens may trigger a never-ending flood of chain migration starting with at least... [Read More]
Chain migration 'multiplier'... [Read More]
'Not trying to incentivize future illegal immigration'... [Read More]
Senate bill seeks to curb "chain migration," while House conservatives issue wish list of enforcement measures. [Read More]
Senate bill seeks to curb "chain migration," while House conservatives issue wish list of enforcement measures. [Read More]
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