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Searching for "Chain Migration"
The Trump administration targets "chain migration," a costly loophole that allows a legal immigrant to bring in relatives. [Read More]
"Ending chain migration and also ending the visa lottery will allow us to have commonsense immigration rules that promote assimilation and wage growth. It also... [Read More]
Letter writer says this is how we got Ivanka and Jared in the White House. [Read More]
PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: This week I signed the National Defense Authorization Act â a historic step forward to rebuild our military. Now, it is critical... [Read More]
President Trump reignited calls on Saturday for Congress to end "chain migration" and establish a merit-based immigration system, arguing that the current process threatens U.S.... [Read More]
Newly legalized Dreamers would sponsor 80,000 more immigrants to enter U.S. as part of 'chain migration,' says CBO... [Read More]
Dream Act amnesty would add as many chain-migration foreigners to the US population as the number of Americans born in four years' time. [Read More]
President Trump railed against the diversity visa lottery program and chain migration Friday, saying that immigration officials are choosing the worst of the worst to... [Read More]
In a speech to graduates of the FBI Academy, Trump talked about calling on Congress to end "chain migration" and "visa lottery," and compared legal... [Read More]
Monday's botched attack at the New York City's Port Authority terminal should trigger a renewed discussion of chain migration and the Diversity Visa Lottery program.... [Read More]
It's not just that Donald Trump's latest anti-immigrant campaign—this time attacking so-called "chain migration"—echoes the messaging and lingo of Southern Poverty Law Center-designated hate groups founded... [Read More]
The president was warmly received by the crowd of local law enforcement officers who cheered his calls for a crackdown on gangs and an end... [Read More]
Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) said a deal to replace the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program is within reach, but warned Congress not to make... [Read More]
Fox's and Breitbart's use of the buzzword "chain migration" has skyrocketed in 2017... [Read More]
Unassimilated, underemployed young Muslim men appear to be most vulnerable to domestic terrorism, and chain migration seems to frequently assist. [Read More]
This is something most countries actually do, rather than allowing chain migration (AP) The White House is embarking on a major campaign to turn public... [Read More]
The practice of bringing immigrant families together in the United States likely made the president richer and happier. [Read More]
The practice of bringing immigrant families together in the United States likely made the president richer and happier. [Read More]
The Dec. 7 World-Herald article on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals ("Nebraskans at D.C. rally urge action as clock ticks") failed to mention one of... [Read More]
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