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Searching for "Bill Cosby"
Anger, shock, unity and solidarity: Those were the prevailing emotions on Tuesday at a Manhattan event for women filmmakers, writers and actors, where the Harvey... [Read More]
What do TV political commentator Bill O'Reilly, the late TV executive Roger Ailes, Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, comedian Bill Cosby, U.S. Rep. Tim Murphy (PA-R),... [Read More]
A meme claiming that President Obama awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Harvey Weinstein, Anthony Weiner, and Bill Cosby uses doctored images. [Read More]
Harvey Weinstein was immediately voted out. Why are other alleged sexual predators still in? [Read More]
Two of the more than 50 women who have accused comedian Bill Cosby of sexual assault are demanding he and film producer Roman Polanski be... [Read More]
Michael Schulman on the Academy's decision to expel the producer Harvey Weinstein over sexual-assault allegations—but not Roman Polanski, Bill Cosby, or Casey Affleck. [Read More]
"Please expel them." [Read More]
On Last Week Tonight, John Oliver called out the Motion Picture Academy for the hypocritical act of kicking out Harvey Weinstein but not kicking out... [Read More]
Pressure is growing on the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to follow its expulsion of Harvey Weinstein with a purge of Bill Cosby,... [Read More]
HBO/YouTube Last Sunday,"Last Week Tonight" host John Oliver became the first late-night host to address the sexual harassment and assault accusations against Harvey Weinstein. And... [Read More]
John Oliver's not exactly throwing Hollywood a parade for exiling Harvey Weinstein. On Saturday, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences expelled Weinstein... [Read More]
5 Grand wrote: » I'm surprised that Bill Cosby's wife stayed with him. He was accused of some horrible things. [Read More]
The 'Last Week Tonight' host reacts to AMPAS's expulsion of the disgraced Hollywood producer. [Read More]
The Last Week Tonight host mocked the Oscars for booting Harvey Weinstein, but keeping Roman Polanski, Bill Cosby, and Mel Gibson... [Read More]
Weinstein vs. CosbyEDITOR: Can any of your loyal liberal readers explain to me, a not so loyal conservative reader, the difference between Bill Cosby and... [Read More]
Harvey Weinstein is just the latest sordid chapter of an old, old story. A film producer who cast one of the biggest shadows in Hollywood,... [Read More]
Harvey Weinstein is just the latest sordid chapter of an old, old story. A film producer who cast one of the biggest shadows in Hollywood,... [Read More]
"Yes, finally, the group that counts among its current members Roman Polanski, Bill Cosby and Mel Gibson has found the one guy who treated women... [Read More]
Bill Cosby, Roger Ailes, Bill O'Reilly, Donald Trump, and Harvey Weinstein all have one thing in common: they are men who have preyed on vulnerable... [Read More]
Will The Academy move to address accusations against other members? [Read More]
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