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Searching for "American Assassin"
Hollywood's hypocrisy about Harvey Weinstein is only outdone by its hypocrisy about gun control. Matt Philbin of the Media Research Center reported that in just... [Read More]
AMERICAN MADE... [Read More]
FULL disclosure time, as they say in the States… The title's rather unfortunate given recent events in Vegas, but go and see the new blockbuster... [Read More]
An audience watching American Assassin at Cinemark Theatre in the Woodlands, Tex. was shaken up after they thought they heard gunshots outside while the movie was playing.... [Read More]
A group of people who went to the Cinemark Theatre on Lake Robbins Drive last night got a scare while watching the movie "American Assassin." [Read More]
The late and lamented thriller writer Vince Flynn created the action character Mitch Rapp. Flynn pounded out 15 Mitch Rapp novels before his premature death... [Read More]
  AMERICAN ASSASSIN R 4:45P 7:20P 9:55P FRIEND REQUEST R 7:30P 9:45P HITMAN'S BODYGUARD R 4:35P HOME AGAIN PG13 4:50P 7:10P 9:40P IT R 4:05P... [Read More]
Film Fans say 'American Assassin' has potential to be a franchise series. [Read More]
American Assassin; Embarrassingly clichÃ... [Read More]
Film Fans say 'American Assassin' has potential to be a franchise series. [Read More]
At the beginning of "American Assassin," Mitch Rapp (Dylan O'Brien) watches helplessly as terrorists kill his fiancé. [Read More]
Chuck Koplinski,Contact Chuck Koplinski at,For a review of American Assassin, go to the Cine... [Read More]
O'Brien was having a tough time recovering from his head injury on 'Mazerunner,' but kept the beard and shaggy look for 'American Assassin.'... [Read More]
Dylan O'Brien plays a hot shot black ops recruit out for revenge after losing the love of his life in a terror attack. His mentor,... [Read More]
There are a couple of minor surprises in the new action picture "American Assassin." For example, David Suchet, one of those terrifically accomplished British actors... [Read More]
"American Assassin": In this action thriller based on the 2010 novel by Vince Flynn, Dylan O'Brien ("The Maze Runner") stars as CIA black-ops recruit whose... [Read More]
Could there possibly be anything more boring than a supposed spy thriller where the main character wins all the time and is immediately right with... [Read More]
The Thrill is Gone... [Read More]
American Assassin is most likely the poorest attempt at the continual downfall that is the American spy film, a genre which has had its ups... [Read More]
Pajiba: Sweetened by Mock, Lightened by Droll... [Read More]
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