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Searching for "Alan Jones"
Radio host told his contract will be terminated if he makes similar comments ever again. [Read More]
OPINION: Alan Jones and the rest of the Aus media frat club have based their careers on outrageous statements. [Read More]
You say: Australian shock jock needs to heed own advice and put sock in it. [Read More]
The shock-jock urging Scott Morrison to "shove a sock" down Jacinda Ardern's throat exposes a delicate matter for our PM: his climate policy black hole. [Read More]
Macquarie Media warns star broadcaster after he said New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern should have a 'sock shoved down throat'... [Read More]
The prominent Sydney broadcaster publicly apologised on Friday for saying Scott Morrison should "shove a sock" down Jacinda Ardern's throat. [Read More]
Australian broadcaster Alan Jones apologises to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, after his "careless" comments sparked outrage. [Read More]
Former Australian PM hits out at shock jock for his "disgraceful" use of violent language against female politicians. [Read More]
COMMENT: Well done the Wallabies for beating the All Blacks. But mostly well done, me. [Read More]
A would-be shock-jock, he shocked nobody when he insulted the New Zealand Prime Minister this week. He's the same blowhard I encountered in the 1980s. [Read More]
Aussie broadcaster Alan Jones has apologised to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. [Read More]
2GB radio host says he 'erred' in comments about NZ PM despite also accusing her on Friday of being 'gormless' and a 'hypocrite'... [Read More]
While Jones issued an apology on Friday, the former PM said the broadcaster's violent language against women politicians was 'disgraceful'. [Read More]
Shock jock doubles down on criticism of PM after she questioned Australia's climate change response. [Read More]
Alan Jones' outrage at Jacinda Ardern hasn't let up. [Read More]
The shock jock today called Jacinda Ardern a "hypocrite" and "gormless" after she said last night she would not give his criticism yesterday the "light... [Read More]
Alan Jones is the Australian media watchdog's most-pinged broadcaster this decade. [Read More]
Aussie PM blasts Alan Jones for calling Jacinda Ardern a "clown" over her climate policy. [Read More]
Alan Jones said he wishes Jacinda Ardern would shut up. [Read More]
Aussie PM slaps down Alan Jones for attack on Jacinda Ardern over her climate warning. [Read More]
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