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The image on YouTube is a wobbly videotape copy, the colors blurred by time, the sound muddy. [Read More]
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You can now add Xbox Game Pass games to a Play Later list. [Read More]
Amazon has discounted the physical versions of Assassin's Creed Odyssey and Assassin's Creed III: Remastered to $19.99. [Read More]
Colorado State Patrol said US Highway 50 is closed over Monarch Pass until 3 p.m. [Read More]
Article: The Trump Chorus Line: Parodies on an American Tragedy - Four parodies on the Trump and Company administration: Donald Trump on filling and not filling domestic and international positions in the government; Donald Trump in conversation with Adolf Hitler; The indictment and arrest of President Donald Trump; Donald Trump and his sycophants after the presidency. [Read More]
Chrome OS will soon be able to tether to an iPhone over USB, allowing Apple's phones to share a mobile data connection without the battery drain of doing it wirelessly. The news comes via a commit to Chromium's source code. [Read More]
Instagram will start notifying users their comments may be offensive before they are posted in an effort to curb cyber bullying. [Read More]
Shoppers have taken to Twitter and Facebook to call for a boycott of Home Depot after its co-founder says he will back Donald Trump's reelection bid. [Read More]
It took a few years, but the US Navy's beefier Fire Scout helicopter drone is finally ready for action... more or less. The military branch has declared that N... [Read More]
a first for a spaceflight company. The merger and investments will keep Virgin operating until it can start commercial operations and begin generating its own revenue. So far,... [Read More]
The isolated California city of Ridgecrest saw minimal damage despite being close to the epicenter of two major earthquakes. [Read More]
Animal Adventure welcomes its newest species, the Chilean flamingos, to the park on Tuesday. ... [Read More]
 A federal appeals court panel will hear arguments Tuesday on whether a federal judge in Texas was correct in striking down the Affordable Care Act, a case with enormous stakes not only for millions of people who gained health insurance through the law but for the political futures of President Trump and other candidates in the 2020 elections. ... [Read More]
It may feel like the closed-door talks about peace in Afghanistan have been going on almost as long as the Afghan war itself, but now they are actually going somewhere. [Read More]
Officials arrested a woman Tuesday they say was armed with a handgun and allegedly fired two shots while at a Parkville DMV office. Darin Snapp with the Kansas City Police Department originally said no shots were fired, but an officer on the scene issued an update and said two shots were fired. No one was injured. The incident happened before 12:30 p.m. Police did not say why ... [Read More]
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