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More than a half-foot fell in some western Twin Cities suburbs. [Read More]
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President Trump frequently claims, without evidence, that journalists make up sources. This is widely recognized to be a fib at best and a lie at worst. [Read More]
The soldier was hit on the head by a slab of marble thrown from a third-story rooftop. [Read More]
According to the Syrian Al-Marsad organization for human rights, Thursday's attack on the Dabaa military airport in central Syria was aimed at Hezbollah members and militias. [Read More]
The F-35 Lightning II has gotten a lot of crap all over the world for being both finicky to actually put into combat, and also for having stealth that doesn't really work all the time. To prove it can both fly in the air and do it over enemy territory without being spotted by radar, Israel just released this photo of one flying over Beirut. All casual-like. [Read More]
Damage to the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor in Honolulu was worse than expected and it will remain closed indefinitely, officials said. [Read More]
Here are few fundamental tips that can help you achieve anything you want in life. [Read More]
Here is how Elon Musk manages to so many companies at a time and accomplishes the impossible. [Read More]
South Korean President Moon Jae-in met with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un at the border in a surprise inter-Korean summit. The two reportedly discussed the possible summit with US President Donald Trump. [Read More]
Premier Bahamian 'celebrity artist' Jamaal Rolle recently placed brush to canvas to commemorate the Royal Wedding of the now Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The painting entitled "Mother's Blessing" depicts a heavenly image of the late Princess Diana as she smiles on the new union of her son Harry and Meghan embracing with a kiss on their wedding day. Jamaal Rolle previously met Prince Harry during his visit to The Bahamas on March 4th, 2012, for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations. [Read More]
When Elijah Precciely enrolls in the honors college at Southern University next year he will have already published a book and submitted five patents for his inventions. [Read More]
Bas-Relief is a technique as old as humankind's very first artistic endeavors, a way of sculpting figures that are slightly raised from a flat surface. Bas-Relief sculptures could be found on the walls of all kinds of buildings and temples from ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece, and now it's making a comeback. [Read More]
Spray clothes with permethrin, researchers found, and ticks tend to fall off them and die. [Read More]
The man's release comes a little over a week after he posted two short videos on his Facebook page in which he said a prison riot was endangering his life. [Read More]
Joshua Holt, who was headed back to the U.S. on Saturday after being jailed in Venezuela since 2016, has landed on home soil, according to an official who traveled with him. [Read More]
An American held in Venezuela has been released and is on his way home, with a pit stop at the White House. President Trump hailed the release on Twitter Saturday morning, saying Utah resident Josh Holt would be at the White House at 7 p.m. with his family.        ... [Read More]
This article is about modi claiming that no congress leader went to visit bhagat singh in jail... [Read More]
When it comes to grossing out customers, you could say one fast food joint really nailed it. [Read More]
President Donald Trump announced Saturday morning American prisoner Josh Holt has been released from prison in Venezuela. His wife, Thamy Holt, was also released according to Sen. Orrin Hatch's office. [Read More]
Curaleaf plans to open Polk County's first medical marijuana dispensary this summer at a shopping center in Lakeland. [Read More]
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