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Score another huge round of 'freedom' for women in this, er, "shithole." The move was the first of Saudi Arabia's social reforms planned for this year to ease restrictions on women, spearheaded by the kingdom's 32-year-old crown prince. The kingdom has also announced that starting in June women will be allowed to drive, lifting the world's only ban on female drivers. [Read More]
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President Barack Obama met in January 2017 with then-FBI Director James Comey and other top national security officials to discuss sharing information related to Russia with the incoming Trump administration, where Obama stated that the Trump-Russia investigation should be handled "by the book," according to an email made public Monday and a source familiar with the matter. [Read More]
David Hasselhoff, who sang the theme to the original '80s homage cult short, will also appear in the action-comedy from David Sandberg and KatzSmith Productions. [Read More]
Former police officer Stephen Mader settled a wrongful-termination lawsuit after he was fired following his decision in 2016 not to shoot a man who was holding a gun. [Read More]
Police are asking for the public's help locating a stolen van, which was transporting a body at the time it was taken, the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said Monday afternoon. [Read More]
So far, three cryptocurrencies—Bitcoin, Ripple, and Ethereum—have hit a market cap of $100B. Notably, they all did so within three months of each other. These cryptocurrencies first hit market caps…... [Read More]
The Pentagon is asking for a major boost in military spending for 2019, requesting Congress approve a budget of $686 billion -- one of the largest in the Defense Department's history. [Read More]
Portraits of former President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama now have a permanent place at the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C.The ex-commander in chief and first lady looked on as the new works of art were unveile... [Read More]
The suspect allegedly took the vehicle Sunday evening, with two dogs inside. [Read More]
Shawn Medley, 40, was reported missing on Feb. 7. His body was found Sunday afternoon. [Read More]
The 17-year-old athlete is making her first appearance at the Winter Olympics and is already making history. [Read More]
A Daytona Beach man, accused of murdering his wife nearly three years ago, will spend the next 26 years in prison. [Read More]
The remarks come as the North's delegation, including Kim's sister, return from Pyeongchang. [Read More]
Former Baltimore police Gun Trace Task Force Detectives Daniel Hersl and Marcus Taylor have been found guilty on the most serious charges in a federal corruption trial. [Read More]
The employee was fired and re-paid part of the money while Trustee Brenda Radford paid the rest. [Read More]
More rain is expected to hit the Southland on Tuesday, after a rainstorm poured down on parts of Southern California Monday night. [Read More]
New Franklin Police arrested an 18-year-old former Manchester student who authorities say is the masked man waving a gun and threatening in an online statement to send eight bullets toward the high school, all intended for an administrator. Caleb Pribonic was taken into custody Sunday evening near his residence on East South Street in Akron. The Northern Ohio Violent Fugitive Task Force, a law enforcement collaborative led by U.S. Marshals, assisted in the arrest. New Franklin police were notified Sunday morning of a video shared on Snapchat. In it, a young man with the lower half of his face... [Read More]
Kim, the 17-year-old American, is a big favorite in the women's halfpipe snowboard competition. Stay here for live updates and analysis. [Read More]
Rutherford County law enforcement officials have closed 23 stores that were selling products containing CBD. [Read More]
A Clovis East student complained to school administrators that ag teacher Ken Dias told her to "go back to your country" when she didn't stand up for the pledge of allegiance and flag salute. [Read More]
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