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It's big news for an ag technology company that has its national operations center in Sioux Falls. Farmers Business Network has raised another $110 million in new venture funding. If you're not familiar with the business, it's a social network for farmers. It allows farmers to share information, such as which seed varieties are performing best in their fields and how much they're paying for different seeds and chemicals. The company has grown quickly; in just two years it's added 200 employees. This $110 million Series D funding... [Read More]
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We'll be updating our master deals list throughout the next 36 hours. [Read More]
This C-SPAN caller just thanked Russia for interfering in the 2016 presidential election. [Read More]
Nobody was hurt and the fire was out in 20 minutes, firefighters said.        ... [Read More]
The federal judge who ordered the Trump administration to reunite the migrant families it separated now says the government cannot deport them after reunification until next week, at the earliest. [Read More]
Comedian Conor Moore is back with more fantastic impressions of Dustin Johnson, Tiger Woods, Sergio Garcia and other PGA Tour stars... [Read More]
Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi confessed that during his first year he was mostly focused on Uber fixing its reputation "externally," addressing issues with cities, drivers and the public. But he said he dropped the ball on making sure Uber's internal culture was cleaned up. last week, Uber's chief HR person, Liane Hornsey resigned followed an investigation into how she handled racial-discrimination concerns. And Khosrowshahi confirmed that Uber's COO, hired by him, is under fire for alleged remarks he made about race and gender. Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi was not pulling any punches while on stage... [Read More]
A Texas woman is accused attacking an acquaintances, biting off a large piece of the victim's nose, and swallowing it. [Read More]
All the sales and discounted golf items to shop on 2018 Amazon Prime Day... [Read More]
Trump's summit in Helsinki went a long way toward achieving Putin's most cherished goal. [Read More]
Not everybody gets the distinctive bull's-eye rash. [Read More]
Troy coach Neal Brown sent the families of former players Nathan Harris and Corey McCullers, both of whom died in vehicle-related accidents. [Read More]
23-year-old Alex Binello is the co-creator and proprietor of "MeepCity," a hit free-to-play game with 15 million monthly active players. "MeepCity" is the biggest game on Roblox, a game platform with 64 million users that's especially popular with kids. Binello, an entirely self-taught programmer, makes enough from "MeepCity" to support his mother and brother, whom he recently moved from his hometown of Las Vegas to be closer to him in the San Francisco Bay Area. Now, Binello has brought on his first two employees as he works on a master plan to turn "MeepCity" into a video... [Read More]
Amazon's website ran into some snags quickly Monday on its much-hyped Prime Day, an embarrassment for the tech company on the shopping holiday it created. [Read More]
A Conroe woman is accused attacking an acquaintances, biting off a large piece of the victim's nose, and swallowing it. [Read More]
Motorists traveling on Interstate 71 in the Polaris area have been encountering major backups Monday afternoon because of an overturned cement truck, the State Highway Patrol said.The Ohio Department of Transportation tweeted at 4 p.m.: "I-71 Update: All lanes of I-71 north closed at I-270 on the North Side due to the crash north of Polaris/Gemini. Ramps from I-270 east and west to I-71 north closed along with the ramps from Polaris/Gemini to I-71 north. Drivers should expect delays. [Read More]
The Nationals star has struggled this season, batting just .214 in his contract year.        ... [Read More]
Defensive end Mitchell Loewen gathered bystanders to flip the car where a man was trapped. [Read More]
Japan's population is shrinking. It's harder and harder to find qualified people to fill a lot of jobs. Including ninjas. [Read More]
See the full list of schools that have requested metal detectors through the state's new program.        ... [Read More]
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