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Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Tuesday he has "no clear recollection" of George Papadopoulos said to him at a March 2016 event in Washington D.C. Papadopoulos allegedly proposed organizing a meeting between then-candidate Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. "My answers have not changed. I have always told the truth. And I have answered every question as I understood them to the best of my recollection, as I will continue to do today," Sessions said. Sessions said, that he rejected the suggestion of meeting with Putin: "I believe that... [Read More]
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Fatigue is setting in at the corruption trial of U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez as jurors began a seventh full day of deliberations on Thursday.        ... [Read More]
A 9-year-old boy was struck by a car near R Street and Loughborough Drive in Merced on Thursday, Nov. 16, 2017, according to Police. He was taken to Valley Children's Hospital in... [Read More]
After Trump, companies are looking at new strategies for racially charged times... [Read More]
President Trump visited the Capitol shortly before the early afternoon vote and speak to House Republicans behind closed doors. [Read More]
Complex News spoke with Wiz Khalifa about drug culture and also got his thoughts on the passing of Lil Peep. [Read More]
The Bronte High School volleyball team won its first state volleyball title since 1991 with a four-set victory over Blum on Thursday, Nov. 16, 2017. [Read More]
77 Chestnut St. is on the market in Boston for $8,995,000. [Read More]
Rookie forward makes his return after missing nine games... [Read More]
Unearthed audio shows that a political appointee at the DHS had said that blacks have "turned America's major cities into slums because of laziness, drug use and sexual promiscuity," and had spoken harshly about Muslims. [Read More]
For a second time, the jury told the judge it is unable to reach a verdict in the case against the powerful New Jersey Democrat. [Read More]
Altuve is the second Astros player to win a league MVP award... [Read More]
On the Crow Reservation in Montana, the FBI is working to solve the case of Robert Garrett Stewart, Jr., who disappeared without a trace four years ago. [Read More]
Giancarlo Stanton of the Miami Marlins wins the NL MVP award, edging Joey Votto of the Reds. In the closest MVP... [Read More]
Several people are suing the the company that produces the NutriBullet after they said the devices burst while they were using... [Read More]
A Nueces County Jury Grand Jury today did not indict CCPD Officer Jose Hassette following an investigation into the shooting of 55-year-old Dewboy Lister. Hassette shot Lister as the two men scuff... [Read More]
A Nueces County grand jury has decided not to indict Coprus Christi police officer Jose Hasette in the shooting death of Dewboy Lister. ... [Read More]
U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden said Thursday that the Senate Ethics Committee should investigate Sen. Al Franken, Democrat of Minnesota, who a former coworker has accused of sexual harassment. [Read More]
There's more to the tiny wireless earbuds than meets the eye. Here's how to get the most out of your AirPods, and a few things you may not know. [Read More]
A banner year in which the Astros won their first World Series and saw former National League Most Valuable Player Jeff Bagwell inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame became even better on Thursday, when second baseman Jose Altuve was named American League MVP. - VOTE NOW: Esurance MLB Awards' Best Major Leaguer... [Read More]
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