a12345Rep. Jackson Lee Gets Testy With Jeff Sessions (Daily Caller)

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Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee was silenced during Attorney General Jeff Sessions' Tuesday testimony when she refused to let him answer a question. WATCH: During a House Judiciary Hearing with Sessions, Jackson Lee asked the AG if he stood by his previous testimony in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee. The Democratic lawmaker's awkwardly phrased and... [Read More]
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San Antonio Spurs forward LaMarcus Aldridge and Boston Celtics forward Al Horford were reportedly the final two picks of the 2018 NBA All-Star draft, according to ESPN.com's Chris Haynes ... [Read More]

A former Playboy model who claims she had an affair with Donald Trump beginning in 2006 is going public with a description of Trump's alleged system for concealing affairs.

... [Read More]
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A magnitude 7.2 earthquake struck southeastern Mexico on Friday night, with the epicenter in the state of Oaxaca, the US Geological Survey reported. [Read More]
A columnist for the paper was critical of diver Tom Daley and his husband expecting a baby. [Read More]
A Tesco manager and teenage employee were forced to quit their jobs this week after being caught romping in a back office. Fresh produce manager Neville Fox, 35, and Caitlyn Kirby,... [Read More]
Antonio Conte confirmed that Tiemoue Bakayoko will not feature against Barcelona and Chelsea fans breathed a collective sigh of relief. The Blues stormed through to the quarter-finals of the FA... [Read More]
Willian lifted the lid on his brilliant conversation with David Meyler just moments before the Hull man missed his penalty against Chelsea. The Blues scored four goals before the break... [Read More]
Powerful earthquake has shaken south and central Mexico, causing people to flee buildings. [Read More]
A 7.2 magnitude quake rocked Mexico on Friday, a prolonged rumble that the government said had caused minor damage to buildings in the southern state of Oaxaca, but with no preliminary reports of deaths. [Read More]
Kesha will be in Minnesota this summer, and she will be Macklemore-less. [Read More]
Hitting the road this June. [Read More]
A triumphant movie confirms what we knew all along: We are cool. [Read More]
One of Cardi B's reps has been telling people she's 3 to 4 months pregnant, but if she is, it's news to her fiance. [Read More]
The Latest on the school shooting that killed 17 people in Florida (all times local): 7:15 p.m. President Donald Trump has met with victims of a school shooting who are …... [Read More]
The Tallahassee Police Department is investigating after a baby was found dead in a dumpster at a local apartment complex. [Read More]
Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart are getting divorced after 14 years of marriage ... TMZ has learned. Rebecca, who starred in "Beverly Hills, 90210" filed legal docs Friday afternoon. Rebecca is asking for spousal support.  She's asking for joint…... [Read More]
A 65-foot ice cream cone along Interstate 15 on the way to Las Vegas is the landmark that points to Eddie World - a one-stop shop that owner Alex Ringle describes as the "Disneyland of gas stations."The 27,000-square-foot candy factory, ice cream parlor, gas station and eatery is now open and promises to put a smile on the faces of both adults and kids alike.Eddie World has accumulated close to 500,000 Facebook video views since its Jan. 8 soft opening. As... [Read More]

President Trump on Friday accused Democrats of abandoning young, undocumented immigrants after the Senate rejected three separate immigration bills a day earlier.

... [Read More]
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