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A court of appeals rules that Bevin's investigation of Steve Beshear's administration has the power to subpoena former Beshear official Frank Lassiter        ... [Read More]
Charles Grindle, the state's chief tech officer, said he had no salary requirement when he took the job... [Read More]
The Kentucky Supreme Court on Thursday rejected a challenge to the state's right-to-work law, which was passed in 2017.        ... [Read More]
Eastern Kentuckian says he represents the common man. Balances ticket with running mate Stephanie Horne, a member of the Jefferson County School Board       ... [Read More]
Democrat Rocky Adkins says he's running for governor of Kentucky. From basketball to teaching, here are five things to know about him.        ... [Read More]
Republican Gov. Matt Bevin and GOP legislative leaders don't like Franklin Circuit Judge Phillip Shepherd's rulings on cases, so they're threatening to change who gets... [Read More]
Senate president said his disagreement with pension ruling triggered his interest in spreading important state law cases to judges outside Franklin.        ... [Read More]
Lawyer for Bevin and Attorney General Andy Beshear clash over legality, impact of new pension law, and perhaps most important - the process used to... [Read More]
The legality of Kentucky's pension reform law, which affects the benefits of thousands of state workers, will go before the Supreme Court on Thursday      ... [Read More]
Governor Matt Bevin took to social media with video criticizing Judge Phillip Shepherd for expressing interest in pension protest.        ... [Read More]
When Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin wanted a new state chief information officer, he didn't do a national search - he hired an old Army buddy... [Read More]
The $215,000 raise Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin gave his chief technology officer was derided by some state legislators and leaders of worker groups.       ... [Read More]
Charles Grindle. (Photo: U.S. Army War College photo) [Read More]
A Courier Journal investigation shows Gov. Matt Bevin has a long personal and business relationship with state official who got a $215,000 pay raise.      ... [Read More]
Bevin said salary of $375,000 for chief tech official Charles Grindle is "a steal." Says Grindle would make more than a million in private sector.... [Read More]
Indiana pays $131,402 for its CIO, Tennessee pays $200,112. Kentucky pays $375,000, thanks to a recent $215,000 raise granted by Gov. Matt Bevin.       ... [Read More]
Charles Grindle is Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin's chief information officer. He just got a $215,000 raise while most state workers' salaries are frozen.       ... [Read More]
Charles Grindle who oversees Kentucky government technology soars from $160,000 to $375,000.        ... [Read More]
Gov. Matt Bevin argues Kentucky, like the character Wimpy, has been promising to pay on Tuesday for a hamburger today. Tuesday, he says, is here. [Read More]
The 2019 Kentucky governor's race could pit Matt Bevin's economic development record against his own mouth. Here's what could be in store        ... [Read More]
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