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Appearing on MSNBC on Saturday afternoon, a Democratic lawmaker failed to contain his glee at what his party will do with Donald Trump's tax returns... [Read More]
The editorial board of the Chicago Tribune issued a scathing and sarcastic public calling out of Attorney General Jeff Sessions for finally attempting to give... [Read More]
TMZ caught legendary comedian Robert Klein on the street and asked him what he thought about President Donald Trump, only to get an F-bomb-filled tirade... [Read More]
A teacher at the KIPP Voyage Academy in Houston is out of a job after she went on a racist rant against a Hispanic couple... [Read More]
In a scorching column for the New York Times, economist Paul Krugman said that members of the Republican Party who used to twist facts and... [Read More]
A 69-year-old man accused of assisting his wife's suicide in 2014 has been found guilty by a jury after prosecutors described his plans to build... [Read More]
Announcing a new CNN online election tracker leading up to November's midterm election — which is only 25 days away — polling expert Harry Enten... [Read More]
Prior to the 2016 election — when most of the country still believed Donald Trump would lose the presidential election to former Secretary of State... [Read More]
A popular columnist writing for Maine's largest newspaper didn't have a lot of sympathy for embattled Republican Senator Susan Collins' complaints about the over $3.6... [Read More]
According to international affairs analyst writing for Foreign Policy, President Donald Trump will likely do little to nothing about the reported brutal murder of a... [Read More]
In a Washington Post column, conservative George Will — who recently turned on the Republican Party over its embrace of Donald Trump — took a... [Read More]
On Thursday morning, the hosts of CNN's New Day cast a jaundiced eye at the decision by the editors of USA Today to publish an... [Read More]
In an exclusive ABC interview that was set to air on Thursday morning, first lady Melania Trump complained that she is "the most bullied person... [Read More]
In an exclusive interview with ABC that took place during her photo-op tour of Africa, first lady Melania Trump claimed she is the "most bullied... [Read More]
Response to the decision by Maine Republican Susan Collins to cast her vote to confirm newly-seated Associate Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh is affecting the... [Read More]
Refusing to let go of the contentious debate over accusations against now-seated Associate Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, NBC host Megyn Kelly suggested on Tuesday... [Read More]
The surprise resignation by UN Ambassador Nikki Haley comes just days after a watchdog group called for an investigation into the former South Carolina governor... [Read More]
Writing for the Washington Post, a former FBI agent who specialized in counter-intelligence said that special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation of Russian involvement into Donald... [Read More]
With the midterm election only four weeks away, Democrats are seeing a record flood of cash flowing into their coffers with contributors hoping to turn... [Read More]
In a confessional piece on The Feed, ex-evangelicals lamented the oppressive influence their faith had on their sex lives and personal relationships with their partners,... [Read More]
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