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For the first time, South Carolina's population has exceeded 5 million. The U.S. Census Bureau announced Thursday that South Carolina's population grew from July 2016... [Read More]
Grades for the fall semester aren't official yet, but success in aiding a local charity could make Chapin High School students in student government classes... [Read More]
Lexington County firefighters showed off their skill in putting out a blaze at a new training center this is also open to law enforcement and... [Read More]
The field increased to five as attorney Joel Deason said he's interested in joining the contest for House District 59. [Read More]
Several candidates taking stock of race in House District 69 after Rick Quinn resigned Wednesday during a corruption investigation. [Read More]
Newcomers to Lake Murray Elementary, located in a fast-growing area, to be sent to other schools possibly starting in January. [Read More]
Lexington County officials are looking at ways to save more trees as neighborhoods sprout. The step may be limited at first to fast-growing areas. [Read More]
Improvements at Malfunction Junction are designed to ease congestion at I-20, I-26 and I-126 through 2040 and possibly beyond that. [Read More]
Lexington town police are cracking down on impatient motorists using center turn lanes on roads to bypass traffic jams. [Read More]
Effort to allow them launched after town officials blocked D.J. Stone's attempt to serve baked goods from his mobile kitchen Nov. 28. [Read More]
More recovery help after treatment for alcohol and drug addiction is a goal of Scotty and Susan Mill, founders of a center focused on Lexington... [Read More]
Former Brookland-Cayce High School women's soccer coach Emily Heise alleges widespread discrimination against female athletes that school officials refuse to fix. [Read More]
Mount Horeb United Methodist Church near Lexington wants to increase assistance to those age 15-26 recovering from alcohol and drug abuse by opening a center... [Read More]
Bumper-to-bumper travel is common on the half-mile stretch where U.S. 378 and S.C. 6 run together in Lexington even outside of rush hours. [Read More]
The bid to expand the help is on hold after the Town Planning Commission heard from supporters and opponents of the proposal from a ministry... [Read More]
After nearly two decades of planning, major changes are coming to improve the flow of traffic in Chapin on Columbia Avenue and its connection to... [Read More]
Kingstree Police settled on Nov. 17, 2017 for $900,000 in case of an 86-year-old SC man who was hospitalized after being stunned with a police... [Read More]
Nearly two dozen new fields are being added for baseball, softball, football and soccer as part of an expansion that the Lexington County Recreation and... [Read More]
Youth sports leaders are waiting patiently for new fields and other facilities in Lexington and Gilbert promised when the Lexington County Recreation and Aging Commission... [Read More]
West Columbia officials are giving a chicken processing plant a chance to stop odors before going ahead with a crackdown on the stench. [Read More]
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