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Health officials recently reported the sixth confirmed failure of Truvada, but experts stress the HIV-prevention pill is still nearly 100 percent effective. [Read More]
From Reagan's press secretary laughing about the AIDs crisis to the activist group ACT UP shutting down the FDA, we look back at the early... [Read More]
Shepard, the victim of a deadly 1998 attack in Wyoming, spawned a national conversation about homophobia and violence. [Read More]
Rose is set to make her debut as the lesbian superhero in the CW's annual crossover event in December. [Read More]
While her classmates took shelter in the boys and girls locker rooms, the transgender student was allegedly made to sit alone in a hallway. [Read More]
The first gay pride march took place in New York City on June 28, 1970 — the one-year anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. [Read More]
Brian Sims, member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, is the first openly gay lawmaker elected to the state's legislature since its 1682 inception. [Read More]
A U.K. court has ruled against Gilead Sciences' application for a patent extension for its HIV prevention drug, Truvada, also known as PrEP. [Read More]
Salt Lake City Council Member Derek Kitchen, who in 2012 sued to overturn Utah's gay marriage ban, is running for a seat in the Utah... [Read More]
The American Academy of Pediatrics published a policy statement Monday recommending children be "free to develop and explore their gender." [Read More]
The vast majority of LGBTQ candidates run as Democrats, but political hopefuls are bucking the trend in Connecticut this election cycle. [Read More]
Most Americans see Texas as a deep-red state, but Lupe Valdez, the Democrat running to unseat incumbent Republican Greg Abbott, thinks they have it all... [Read More]
At a reception sponsored by Fox News, Ohio-based meteorologist Marshall McPeek addressed the LGBTQ audience as "ladies and gentlemen, things and its." [Read More]
At a reception sponsored by Fox News, Ohio-based meteorologist Marshall McPeek addressed the LGBTQ audience as "ladies and gentlemen, things and its." [Read More]
The California State Legislature approved a resolution on Tuesday denouncing medically unnecessary surgeries for intersex children. "Intersex children should be free to choose whether to... [Read More]
Within three months, Brandon Straka — who "walked away" from the left — went from unknown hairstylist to conservative media darling. [Read More]
A former energy company executive from Vermont has come a step closer to becoming the nation's first transgender governor. [Read More]
Former energy company executive Christine Hallquist made history Tuesday by becoming the first trans person to ever win a major party's nomination for governor. [Read More]
Texas art teacher Stacey Bailey was placed on administrative leave last year after showing her students a photo of her female partner. [Read More]
"I have never been so discriminated against while traveling before," David Cooley, owner of iconic L.A. gay bar The Abbey, wrote of his Alaska Airlines... [Read More]
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