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Robin Wright writes about the revelation in the new Bob Woodward book that, in 2017, Donald Trump suggested killing the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. [Read More]
Robin Wright writes about Yousef Bashir's new memoir, "The Words of My Father," and what it tells us about the ongoing conflict in the Middle... [Read More]
Robin Wright writes about how the Trump Administration has reversed course on intentions to pull U.S. troops out of Syria. [Read More]
Robin Wright writes about the fight between Mohammed bin Salman and the government of Canada over tweets and human rights. [Read More]
Robin Wright on the recent repatriation of the remains of fifty-five of American servicemen who died or were captured during the Korean War. [Read More]
Robin Wright writes about Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's statements about the Trump Administration's foreign policy and Trump's recent meetings with Vladimir Putin and Kim... [Read More]
Robin Wright on the ignorance of Donald Trump's comments about NATO, Montenegro, and the risk of starting the Third World War. [Read More]
Robin Wright on Donald Trump's actions at the NATO summit, where he stunned allies by demanding that they double defense-spending commitments and calling Germany a... [Read More]
Robin Wright discusses the first negotiations since the June 12th summit between President Trump and Kim Jong Un, after which Secretary of State Mike Pompeo... [Read More]
Robin Wright writes about Donald Trump's announcement that he will hold a summit with the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, after meeting with NATO. [Read More]
Robin Wright writes on Nasrin Sotoudeh, one of Iran's leading human-rights lawyers, who was arrested in Tehran. Security officials informed her that she had been... [Read More]
Robin Wright writes that the nuclear summit in Singapore between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un was heavy on promises but light on specifics. [Read More]
Robin Wright writes that President Trump is navigating two summits in five days—the G-7, in Canada, and the meeting with North Korea's leader, Kim Jong... [Read More]
Robin Wright writes about the failure of Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un's planned nuclear summit, and about Trump's view of the world. [Read More]
Robin Wright writes about how Donald Trump's early confidence on dealing with North Korean aggression has butted up against the long-standing realities of the Kim... [Read More]
Big on headlines, brash in demands, but short on long-term strategy, his course risks failing in Iran, North Korea, and beyond. [Read More]
Robin Wright on President Trump's decision to withdraw the U.S. from the Iran nuclear deal, unravelling the Obama Administration's signature foreign-policy achievement and putting the... [Read More]
Robin Wright reports on the impression that North Korea's Kim Jong Un left on South Koreans after the recent inter-Korean summit. [Read More]
Robin Wright on the summit between the North Korean leader, Kim Jung Un, and South Korea's President, Moon Jae-in. [Read More]
Robin Wright on Donald Trump's meeting with the French President, Emmanuel Macron, after which he was almost conciliatory. He hinted that the United States and... [Read More]
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