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Have you seen the latest polls in the 4th District race between Rep. Mia Love and Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams? Either they're neck-and-neck.... [Read More]
Former state Sen. Chris Buttars, who sponsored Utah's same-sex marriage ban and became one of the most polarizing figures in Utah politics, died Monday at... [Read More]
Former state Sen. Chris Buttars, who sponsored Utah's same-sex marriage ban and became one of the most polarizing figures in Utah politics, died Monday at... [Read More]
Provo-based Qualtrics announced in July that Utah had become the first state to adopt its customer feedback software, a move it said would save money... [Read More]
Last week, Susan Combs, a top adviser to Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, was in Utah to meet with state officials, including Gov. Gary Herbert and... [Read More]
There was a widely used slogan for the same-sex marriage movement a few years back: Love is love. It's less clear if that's true in... [Read More]
Maybe you've seen "The Dark Knight Rises," the Batman movie where our hero fights a villain named Bane. In one memorable scene, Bane tells Batman:... [Read More]
Last week, a 9-year-old in Colorado killed himself after he was bullied by classmates because he was gay. It was a tragic case where an... [Read More]
In mid-2003, I'd just sat through a marathon hearing about the latest scandal at the U.S. Olympic Committee — this one over lavish spending —... [Read More]
A "Save the Date" notice for Gov. Gary Herbert's annual fundraising gala showed up in my inbox. The Utah Symphony will be performing at a... [Read More]
With less than eight weeks before ballots are mailed out, opponents of Utah's medical marijuana initiative still are struggling to get their feet under them,... [Read More]
Comedian David Cross went for a cheap joke over the weekend — using social media to poke fun at the special long two-piece underwear worn... [Read More]
Can we get serious for a minute? Like matter-of-life-or-death serious? Can you, with absolute certainty, look your family in the eye and tell them there... [Read More]
The opponents to Utah's medical marijuana initiative are looking a little desperate. On Wednesday, the Coalition for a Safe and Healthy Utah (great name by... [Read More]
So far this year, more than 5.7 million acres have burned in this nation due to wildfire. In California, some 750,000 acres have been destroyed,... [Read More]
Since police poured into Pioneer Park a year ago, I have been hopeful that Operation Rio Grande would yield real results in dealing with the... [Read More]
At the Salt Lake City Library last week, I saw a woman watching as a guy in a ball cap took all of her earthly... [Read More]
Sure, we've seen malfeasance in Utah politics — sex scandals, run-of-the-mill corruption, pay-to-play. But I can't recall ever seeing a public servant conspiring so ruthlessly... [Read More]
After a career as an accountant, Lynn David bought a 9,000-square-foot house just outside of Midway that he turned into The Hiking Inn, a bed... [Read More]
Let's get this out of the way right now: I was robbed. There is no other explanation as to how I would have finished second... [Read More]
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